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  1. Panda 79 Do U Drive Yourself?? Was You Born In Sheffield??? How Old Are You???
  2. i had a interview with rother fm how exciting hehe!! now sheff looks looks so dull without them!!! just plain simple other city like over ones now when you drive into sheff lol
  3. any one welcome come n chill with us, we will be avin drum and bass tunes on, certian people invited to the cooling down party lol
  4. me n mates av a spot to watch em at!!!! we goin take dj equitment down!!! n party
  5. Theres a new type of these gang things underground 51 based in sheff they go around and kick **** out of these young people causing **** on street!!!
  6. i have heard about this new crew in sheffield!!!! they organise raves and all attend to raves!!!!! any one any idear who they are!!!! There Called underground 51
  7. i used to own rothercruise n a new site i organise cruisers in rotherham end of day its freedom we all work and pay tax so let us enjoy ourselfs aslong as we dont cause trouble people should b ok
  8. i want to change my user name mr admin to mickeyone
  9. well the police in rotherham have been arrasing me now, i was the cruise organiser of Rotherham Cruise 2 weeks back, so they rotherham police are basically out to total ******* to me. at leaset we raided 70 quid for a charity that nite when the police blocked us from having a cruise,
  10. I was in Rotherham last night, I saw a police car parked up, and so as you do I drove to the speed of 40mph on a 40mph road, I got round the round about then he flashed me, I honestly thought he was just going to give me a brief chat and a producer and on my way, He then said to me will you come and take a seat in my vehicle, I was then given 3 points and a 60 pound fine for speeding, while I was not, I asked him if he had it on video he said no, and I used my police gun. I then asked him did your police gun have my reg on he said no, Then after being puzzled by this matter, I was in my car and I read the ticket, he did many mistakes, 1, 60 plus when he should have put the exact speed. 2, put I was a learner driver. 3 put the wrong time. 4, put I had no passengers when I did, Is this wrong detail on a legal document which makes its void?????? My driving as been very careful due to the job I have a interview tomorrow you need a clean license, an thanks to a police officer who just seemed to want to pull someone over issue them with a ticket so he looks like he as been doing work and wants a early night he could of ruined my future career.
  11. we did av a nice location were public do not go police cause more trouble blockin us off and more traffic, p.s inspector lumley thanks ur your promise of direct contact with you, what a lying pig you are, all month!!!! police say why did you not tell us about it we could av helped it go legal, we tryed to they cba, so lumley contact me soon as, or you know, rotherham city jam 2007 will be commin!!!!!
  12. wearing all black, n ad blue lights in grill and a sirein, nose
  13. i would like to be an extra, but im brown lol did the have brown people in them days lol
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