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  1. dont panic, its the Leeds one. Loads of coppers there earlier.
  2. http://sccplugins.sheffield.gov.uk/utc/cam01.htm Council Traffic cameras all offline.......I wonder why
  3. Will have to keep an eye out for them when we walk up to S10 later!! OH saw a Heron by the river on Rivelin Road this week, might have to pop down there too to see if we can spot any more
  4. so you'd want to pay a huge increaase in council tax to ensure ALL roads are kept clear? There is a balance to be had re gritting and cost which is about right - unfortunately we have had over a foot of snow. its not that bad out, just get on with it - i have!
  5. because there are loads of jobs in the smaller villages outside sheffield eh?
  6. well you dont have to come to sheff town centre - you wont be missed.
  7. 75 mins to walk to work today, get off yer behind and get in and stop complaining.
  8. Herries road is a bit hairy for cars, there were a few cars making it up, loads of 4x4's. Saw one 2wheel drive stuck at the top though.
  9. There are a few tabbys round Rangeley / Linekar - we have one ourselves, although she could never be described as shy! We regularly see a large male tabby who has a collar with the name 'Smokey' on it - he seems friendly but always knows when we have left food out for our two! There is another smaller tabby, darker in colour & very shy who is probably the one you have seen. Please also be aware that there is currently a missing cat that lives on Tinker Lane, there is a poster on the bus stop at the top of Rangeley Rd and a few others dotted around.
  10. New Cod On The Block - Commonside THE best chippy in sheff.
  11. I live near Linekar Road - it is nice down this end of Walkley. You can have a nice walk up to Bole Hill Park or down to Rivelin. However Linekar does seem to get a little more traffic than we do, people seem to use it as a short cut coming from Stannington to avoid Hillsboro. Still pretty quiet though! And the new butchers is fab!! we will be def getting all our meat from there instead of Tesco!
  12. Another recommendation for Sam Lovatt of Dearne Domestic Plumbing. Phone: 07909 842848 I had a leaky waste pipe that needed replacing and also an outside tap fitting. He explained everything that he would need to do and actually ended up charging me less than he had originally quoted as slightly less work was needed! Result!! Thanks Sam!
  13. http://roofinginsheffield.co.uk/vanhire.aspx Smithys. cheap!
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