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  1. Many thanks Hillsbro. How often was those directories published?
  2. I am looking for help on how to find what number Granville Street my grandmother lived at in 1937/38? Thank you in advance.
  3. Not seen her yet but asked her grand daughter to ask.
  4. My next door neighbour is called Jane Pearson.
  5. I remember going there in the 80s ... bet it shut somtime in the 90s.
  6. New Inn Hollinsend Road...was about 16. Then Davy sports club when I started work... at 16..... depending who was behind the bar.
  7. Thanks Sweetcheeks..its Gladstone Street. Found the pic on PictureSheffield.
  8. Does anyone know where Darnall tip was. Seen a photo in the Star of the tip at the end of a dead end road.
  9. Some relation of my mum lived on Edgar Street, Barlow at number 5 or 7.
  10. Was at school with Lyn Manterfield .... think her sister is on the forum.
  11. Daniel Docasters football & cricket ground on Gleadless common in the 70s & 80s. Doncasters had one pitch & Robsons had the bottom pitch with the cricket wicket in between them. Houses on it now.
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