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  1. as he gone to work any where in sheffield think is name is scott he was very good
  2. its all a set up seen them filmin the new one last week
  3. the one at chapletown as gone down hill all stop away
  4. yes its got to be pond st and the top rank bingo
  5. i did not no it was a fake
  6. yes a shop took it off i well just have to take it as a loss
  7. i have a recipt from the shop that took it off me
  8. today i had a fake £20 note how do i claim it back from the bank
  9. today i had a fake £20 note how do i claim it back from the bank
  10. 40p kilo ......................
  11. more like 3 monthts its good job my does 70 to goll
  12. now 132.9 will it get to 150.9
  13. thanks but done it now thanks all
  14. help i have 94 corsa and it wont go in 5th or reverse gear
  15. why cant we all see its asains all the time. is it time to do something about it
  16. is sufc paying him or is this sxxt free
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