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  1. dose anyone remember bob barry joan margaret graharm maureen sheila was all kay at some time
  2. mr benn can you but a link up
  3. i well sell for £2500 have a look on ebay at vw campers mate scrap dont think so
  4. nice one mr benn up the owls
  5. once i have transfered my paypal payment to my bank account will i be able to withdraw straight away or does it take a while
  6. hi to you when someone pays by paypal does it have to stand for so long
  7. i pay £6 a gram you can call me anytime on 07883364453
  8. so this kind of thing only ever happens on the Parson Cross does it??NO i dont think so.What would have been the point in the police chasing them just to give them a telling off and a smack on the hand.Let the police get on with doing what they should be doing,catching real criminals
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