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  1. Someone was knocked down by a bus. Although going through a diversion is inconvenient, you were told....and you were safe. Unlike the spokesperson who was whisked away in an ambulance. ---------- Post added 17-10-2014 at 18:04 ---------- Predictive text...arrrgh! That should say poor person not spokesperson!
  2. After all preparation of our new allotment, we are just about ready to start preparing the beds for the potatoes. We desperately need a load of well rotted manure. The soil really needs a boost as it is clay based and very sticky- not sure how the spuds will manage, but our allotment neighbours assure is the spuds are great that they have grown. We would like pallets also to build a compost area- anyone know where we could get them from?
  3. Just got our first allotment after many years with a small vegetable patch. The first bed has been found and cleared, and I am wanting to get something in so we have something to show for our efforts. It is a large area so garlic growing there would be a waste- I wanted to know what I could put in there that would grow over winter.
  4. I think Medusa is reffering to posts which have been removed which were offensive to all Christians.
  5. Just to add. I have great repect for Islam and the Quoran and would never make any offensive remarks about any religions holy teachings. I just wish that some people had the same respect for mine.
  6. Marston Road Garage, Crookes (behind the Admiral chippy). Tony is brilliant. He doesn't do MOT's but sorts it with Snuff Mill garage in sharowvale. We have always dropped our car off with him and picked it up later. Very honest and reliable.
  7. Why are Pets at Home so bad? I'm not trying to start a debate, but I have read so much on here about them being 'bad', without any reasons why. I have to admit to buying my pigs from them, both of which are happy and healthy. Should I avoid using this shop?
  8. Thanks for the advice. I'm still waiting for the paper work to come back from the allotment office but then it is full steam ahead. The littlies are very keen to get involved too- I'm sure this enthusiasm will wane however. I have googled a few nettle recipes in happy anticipation.
  9. Woo Hoo! After 4 years wait, and a few hiccups along the way we have finally got our first allotment- we're positioned on Hagg House site. We are all very excited. We have visited, and it is a little over grown but has lots of possibilities with apples trees already growing, and the remains of a few beds. There are lots of nettles growing- so if anyone has any ideas for how to use these I would be very grateful. Hopefully we will get the confirmation next week, and then the digging will commence. Hurrah! Let the good life begin.
  10. Thank you for all your advice. My partner is taking the monsters to the vet on Monday for their injections. He is going to get their advice as they will be able to tell us exact amounts as he can weigh them- let be bitten and scratched by the little imps! I managed to groom our long hair tabby- but found nothing which I suppose is a good sign. I am sure that I will be back with lots more feline related questions in the furture:)- guinea pigs are so much easier!
  11. 13 weeks. Still little balls of fluff that love to frolick.....and then conk out on the sofa!
  12. Glad it's not just my kittens who seem to poop a lot. Recently acquired them, and both myself and partner have been surprised with how often we need to attend to the litter tray- and he's had cats before! We currently have a mixed diet of two meals of wet and two meals of dry food. Is it the wet that causes the problem?
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