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  1. no , i mean the plastic poly pellets , those are polystyrene balls x
  2. were to buy poly pellets in bulk anyone know many thanks x
  3. does anyone know were to buy in bulk plastic poly pellets? thanks x
  4. thank you all will check these places out x
  5. is there anywere in south yorkshire what sell magnets please thanks
  6. does anyone know were you can buy in bulk steel shot please? thanks
  7. got it working now thanks to you tube , had to boot all the tablet up and so far so good its all working fAB
  8. tryed this , clearing cache and yeh i have plenty of storage free , and still nothing
  9. I have an adroid tablet 2.2 , and having trouble downloading apps. everything works fine , connected to wifi etc.. just when i go and download applications it pops up saying unsuccessful. can anyone help at all? thanks
  10. Im after a parrot cage please , suitable for a grey , I have one at the moment but its "too big" and it cant be wheeled out of the door !! I have tryed local petshops , such as jolleys , markem grange , harlington , pets at home , and no such joy , nature world , JTF , does anyone no of any shops or no of anyone selling a parrot cage? must be in the south yorkshire region thank you x
  11. does anyone no of anywere in sheffield/ south yorkshire , what does fingerprint jewellery thanks
  12. This is what im thinking it could be an allergy. ive had tests done just got to wait for results x
  13. I got put on flixonase nasule drops and it doesnt do nothing for me x
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