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  1. Try Tony Butterworth on Leppings Lane. Always helpful and seem to know a lot about ebike s.
  2. You could try ringing one of the electroplaters. l'm sure they use it to clean goods before they plate them.
  3. Thanks for that, l have found 1 photo that shows part of the outside,awaiting help also to scan it and will put it on here.
  4. Thanks for that Hillsborough, you wouldn't know where I could get any pictures of it do you?
  5. I am trying to find out more about the old tin church at Marlin Bridge, it was St Polycarp's church until the new one was built in the 1933, then was used as the church hall. I think it was demolished in about 1970. If anyone has memories of this or any photos could you let me know.
  6. Try Tony at Dibco on Langsette Rd, good service and won't rip you off.
  7. I bought a car from Rhodes and Noyland as well. Really pleased with it. The good thing I found about them was that they weren't too ' pushy. When I first saw the car I was offered a test drive in it, when I said I had something to do first, they told me to take the car and bring it back later. Top place.
  8. You could try Home computer repairs. 07896413722. He has done repairs and upgrades for me at very reasonable prices and built up a computer for a friend much cheaper than retail prices.
  9. I know its not too near Hillsborough, but Hartley's music on abbeydale rd - near where charnock hotel used to be. He has done a lot of small repairs for me, including soldering inside of car key transponders and inside laptops. Doesn't normaly open until early afternoon. Hope that helps.
  10. I got some of the old super 8 video from a camcorder put on to dvd from a small electrical retailer on Eccelsall Rd - can't remember the name, just up from Berkley precinct towards Hunters Bar. Done by the next day at £5 a tape. Hope this helps.
  11. Burgins - that was the place, thanks Hillsbro. I also bought a football rattle from there, a huge thing that was too big for me to use. I took it to the first match I went to, a night match in 1967 against Chelsea, 1-1 as I recall. The feeling of walking up the steps and into the stand took my breath away - akin to jumping into a bath of very cold water. Happy days.
  12. I've just been reading through this and it has brought back loads of memories from my childhood. One shop I remember from the late sixties was a run down looking newsagent just before Barclay's bank. I used to go in and buy up copies of old comics, I can't remember its name but just remember the 'fusty' smell it there. I also remember having my first school bag bought for me from a shop opposite the old swimming baths, even now 45 years later the smell of new leather reminds me of that bag.
  13. Born in Oughtibridge in 1958 moved away 3 times but always ended moving back.
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