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  1. All those words, and none about trees (let alone those on Sandford Grove Road)... ...its a good job you didn't write all that on paper.
  2. As has been stated by many on this thread already, the trees weren't removed, but the work was done to facilitate the council redevelopment of Fitzalan Square. Do you gave a problem with facts?
  3. "I... ...I... ...I...", seem to rember Toby mentioning a bubble.
  4. It's quite clear a good number of "tree" protesters are just using the campaign as a cover for anti capitalist action. It's particularly clear when anti PFI comments are made in relation to Fitzalan Square, which as we all know is a council redevelopment scheme, so the trees weren't touched because of "the PFI" or some weird "Amey conspiracy" as some would suggest.
  5. Exactly, Toby Foster said it last week, the tree protesters are in thier own little bubble, egging each other on, while the majority of us are just fed up with them, and want the council to get on with it.
  6. Ah good, the bogey man is back to being Amey, I was starting to get a bit worried there...
  7. It's no laughing matter, Cyclone is a self professed expert, his post count proves it!
  8. Only in your little bubble. Read more widely than the STAG group, and as Toby Foster said last week, there are about 5 times more people who are just fed up with it, and want the council to be allowed to get on and finish the job.
  9. Because STAGs previous course was to blame "nasty amey", even though Justice Males said: "Although the defendants have made a number of sweeping allegations about the conduct of the council and Amey, for example that healthy trees are being felled because Amey is exercising improper influence over the council with a view to illegitimate profiteering, I have found that allegation to be detached from reality in light of the evidence before me." So, have you/they decided who the bogey man is today, and will it have changed tomorrow?
  10. Is that a joke? You've just defined NIMBY. Cut down trees: Not in my area! Carry on elsewhere though...
  11. 1. Have you forgotten which thread we're on. 2. There were no protesters, STAG or otherwise who bothered to turn up at Fitzalan Square. Nimbyism at its finest?
  12. So, are you saying the protesters actively chose to prioritise a different set of trees, so they must have considered these Fitzalan Square trees as less important? (Considering STAG brag about having 9000 members, you'd have thought 1 or 2 could have been spared).
  13. That sounds like the sort of excuse a Paparazzi would use...
  14. Oh do keep up! The current STAG tack is that SCC wrote 17500 (200 per year) as a target, into the contract. I'm not sure you're supposed to be blaming the "greedy corporation" any more. The current tag line is nasty council/police. (It'll probably change back by Monday though).
  15. Oh you'll be shocked all right, they're completely bonkers. STAG Facebook is like posh version of Jeremy Kyle.
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