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  1. Such sad news, I saw the headline and thought a happy ending. Rest in peace at rainbow bridge Millie. xxx
  2. Im unsure as to why you seem to have such a chip on your shoulder. I was mearly discussing something, and you came along being all abrupt. no need for it at all, your dirlect does not make you any better so dont use it in such a way. Like i said dear remove your chip. Anyway, back on topic, glad this charity has its bin back whatever the reason. #sigh#
  3. Awwwww well done to everyone who helped and took him in.
  4. corporate image criteria. They make you laugh dont they. oh well. At least a bin can be put in after all.
  5. read again, it doesnt say not allowed, it said 'not allowed to have a bin WITH the others' as in placed in the same place at the moment. Come off your high horse please. thanks
  6. Has moonbird been able to contact the owner yet? In years gone by everyone let their dog walk the streets. It was the done thing, only recently is it different so if this owner is old then it may be the norm to them aswel.
  7. If this is someones dog and they always let him out and they should stop!! I hope the pm you have received gina will help find them, mind you if they let him out all the time he is probably happy to stay with you for a while lol for some attention.
  8. i wonder if beuricratic (sp) negotiations means its the choice of c.a.t.s though. Like i said i dont know what it means. Im sure there was a thread on here not long ago about other charities taking donations out of other charities bins, so maybe its the choice of the charity to do this to stop it happening.
  9. Such a shame because the chairty might not get much donations now. Im not sure what bureaucratic donations mean tbh but i just think its a shame shes not allowed to have a bin with the rest of the charities. Unless they have stopped putting theirs now.
  10. great idea jedi Also is you need any food gina i have some wagg complete biscuits. its only a small bag but might help at least he is warm cos weather is horrible today.
  11. Maybe someone on here who drives who has the time (wish i could drive) could just nip him up to a vets because if he is registered and not scanned its not fair on thw owners (mind you in my experience he might not be but needs to be checked).
  12. Checked if he is microchipped? I hope you have as it should be the first thing to do (after a bit of food n fuss). Im sure you have done this though any vets will do it.
  13. I think its clear where BT's priorities are. Its with providing people in india a job cos its cheaper to pay them, rather than helping the unemployment figures in this country and building some call centres here. Also they dont care and never have about existing customers. ONce they have you in a contract they wont do anything to help at all.
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