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  1. I've used Bradwells recently too for an 8 yard skip and the price and service was very good. Highly recommend them!
  2. Hi Adelai, we had my Aunt's funeral wake at Concord Golf club last year and the food, service and cost was excellent. Plenty of parking too. Highly recommend having your event there. Sorry I don't have any contact details.
  3. Hi Cloudsailers, a little off topic I know, but last year whilst I was working as a tea merchant. I met a lady with Parkinsons an exhibition. Not that I would have known from looking at here, as there was no visible signs of it. She explained to me that her doctor had advised her to drink green tea, which she had done for a year. In her case it made such a different in slowing down the Parkinsons (although she confirmed she hated the taste) and changing her life for the better. If you do a little research online, there are a number of websites showing the benefits to sufferers and how it could help. If I was working for the tea merchant still, I would have got you some for free. Remember with green tea, don't pour boiling water onto the leaf. You'll burn it...only use water of 75 to 80 degrees. I do hope that helps my friend and if you heed my advice, let me know if it helps. All the very best!
  4. Hi Jakbroad, Here's a link to a local company that I would recommend for branding. They have done some excellent work for me in the past - http://www.steel-city.co.uk/ Good luck with the new venture! Let me know if you want a supplier of herbal teas. It's our own brand of natural organic ingredients, that are ethically sourced, individually packed and available a range of delicious flavours. Happy to send you send in the post for you to try, if you want to DM with your address. We're based in Sheffield - Here's the website for you to view the product - http://praanaherbandtea.co.uk/
  5. I saved a URL off a LinkedIn ad the other day that was about this. I'll post it here on Monday, once I'm back in the office. ---------- Post added 20-03-2017 at 08:58 ---------- Sorry Ducky, I couldn't find the link in my bookmarks, but I did find this searching Google. Hope it helps! https://workmileagetaxrebate.co.uk/
  6. I have to recommend Alan Apolakiatis at Multitask in Rotherham. A very helpful young professional recruiter and one of the brightest stars I've met in recruitment for a while. He specialises in Temps to Perm and would be my first port of call if I was looking for temp work. Hope this helps and good luck to the Hubby!
  7. I work for a Sheffield-based importer & distributor of teas selling mainly traditional teas. However we also offer a lovely range of natural herbal teas that are ethically sourced, organic and eco-friendly. If you (or any SF member) want some samples posting, email me at my business email - robert@basilurteauk.net and I'll forward some for you to taste. They'll make a refreshing change from normal tea and coffee and there's some great natural flavours for you to try. For anyone wanting a taste of our traditional teas - here's a link to our website. Again, I'm happy to post out samples to anyone wanting to try. http://www.basilurtea.net/
  8. This is worth a view and your support!!! https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/keep-sheffield-s-library-theatre?source=facebook-share-button&time=1486740588
  9. There used to be a chap called Lee at the Nichols Buildings on Shalesmoor that did all things Militaria. Worth giving them a call and seeing if he's still there.
  10. Second that from Ratter71. Call Matt at Autohaus Dolby.
  11. We DO NOT want this in the village. It's a lovely place to live and is obviously being ruined by others from outside the area. I prefer to be greeted every morning by friendly people out walking their dogs, not by scum intent on destroying somebody's life.
  12. :hihi: the farce is strong with this reply think I.
  13. The 2 armed officers currently standing at Centretainment just now are definitely real. So are the weapons they are holding.
  14. Just arrived to be told it's not going ahead. Bereavement in a family. Will be on at a later date, Lady on gate told me.
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