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  1. Steel city skips has closed down I got a skip from them few months ago and I still got the skip at side of my house looks like I'm stuck with it
  2. Hi he also full time wheelchair user and deaf the last dog we had i trained... Why go to charity when i can do it my self...im not going in to thing on a open forum
  3. Wanted a gold or chocolate lab to train for my son guide dog for the deaf ...thanks for l@@king
  4. Maybe true I was born deaf and went to a deaf school I can sign both but I find the young ones sign sse but it down to the guy who wants to do bsl. Or sse..and my son when to hearing school and they told him he got to do sse but I soon put a stop to that
  5. Glad I could help good luck.whats the reason you want to do Sign language
  6. Just find the older generation will sign Bsl and the younger generation will use sse that's all be good to do Bsl and sse but it's up to you ..not having ago at anybody I'm deaf my self ..castle college Do night classes for Bsl and sse but no sure dates and times give them a call
  7. Bsl sign language bit old init
  8. Anybody wanting a wheelchair swing I'm giving away one for free ...its on swap and give aways
  9. it's a shame they got arrested..let them get on with their lives
  10. Hi..im going to fill a form out later on rain rescue just seen cleo the Rottweil on they site but i need to talk to the family first has they wanted a lab but we can sort something out im also a member of they Facebook site..thanks for the info ...Paul.n
  11. Hi..not really just i add labs all my life..but can be any dog has long they are good around children..dont want to go buy one from a breeder..like to give a rescue dog a great life with my famliy..and i also have a cat that comes and visits me every morning at my door lol
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