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  1. We live not far from there but not in Ridgeway itself. Is it worth trying to contact her by post first?
  2. It tends to be a couple of pounds cheaper per item, but there will probably be huge queues at this time of year so allow a lot of time! Unless you're buying for several children, I would be inclined to say it isn't worth the hassle of travelling for an hour, so try online if available. I buy the jumpers and cardigans and find they do wash well and don't need any ironing (always a bonus!). Also I only buy items with a logo from there, the non-logo stuff I get from Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, John Lewis etc.
  3. They are cutting down a lot of trees up in Gleadless and I too was sad that it was just at blossoming time. However, they have only taken a selection and are beginning to replace them (a sapling is just as good in my view, better than no tree!). Also the pavements where they are removing them from are horrendous, and my children regularly trip on their way to school, not to mention how the elderly manage, so I can see the reasons for doing it. The trees are being replaced, so I really don't see the reason for such uproar. It's not like they're going into the woods and chopping trees down for the sake of it. I love the trees in Sheffield as much as anyone else, but if they are becoming problematic then I am all for sorting things out in the long term.
  4. Yes I thought the barriers idea had been thrown out, so I'm not sure how they are allowed to do this? What are they afraid of - if the conductors check tickets on the trains then there is no chance of anyone not paying? Personally I have walked through the station when working over at Hallam for a few weeks, and I often stopped to buy a sandwich or something on my way through, so surely this is benefiting the businesses there?
  5. I have found that the one up Mansfield Road to Manor Top has massively improved the morning commute - saves about 5 mins of queuing which is valuable when I have to drop kids off at school first! However, I have regularly seen buses driving up the right hand side of the road and therefore not using the bus lane and bus traffic lights at the top - are the bus drivers just thick or is there a reason for doing this?! I agree the one at the bottom of City Road is stupid after about 9.30am - is there even a camera there? I have been caught by the one on Queens Road recently for pulling into an empty bus lane about 2m too early in order to queue in the lane I needed at the next junction, which had no cars in it. That did annoy me but I suppose rules are rules.
  6. Sorry I can't help but I just wanted to say that the same thing happened to my son when he was younger and some lovely person on SF offered me a replacement (which he was eventually fooled into using!) and was a lifesaver. We now have 3 and he carries 2 around!! Hope the rabbit turns up. x
  7. I sign and share every petition or Facebook post about Ben Needham, just to keep it in the public eye. I've read Kerry Needham's book and would recommend it to change some of the slightly negative attitudes on here. The case was never investigated when it first happened - no-one went looking for him or did anything to help, it was an awful situation they were left in. There's nothing to say that a proper investigation now might bring up more information. The Needhams think they got very close to finding him many years ago but could not pursue it themselves (need to double check the details in the book as I forget why). Give them a break, it's only a petition, no-one's asking you to donate money (though that is what they survive on in their search for him) and as a mother myself I can't imagine what poor Kerry has been through, though the book comes close to sharing that feeling. Plus they are Sheffielders so should at least be able to count on local support. Thanks for posting Woodmally.
  8. £8 for adults/taller kids, £6 for smaller kids, £2.50 no rides, difficulty parking (to be expected at a fair) - thanks for the info but the rest of your post seems largely irrelevant. What utter codswollop about an Asian family being given prefential treatment, and borderline offensive description of the security man for not being White British. I hope you complained to the organisers rather than simply encouraging racist views on a public forum.
  9. I haven't read the whole of this thread as I know what tone it has taken, but is there any evidence of this "All out street warfare" other than the OP? Surely violence and disorder to that extent would have made national news and I knew nothing of it until reading this. There are problems on London Road but obviously that doesn't involve Roma so no-one can be bothered to mention them. Please don't tar all Roma with the same brush or over-exaggerate behaviour that is commonplace elsewhere in Sheffield on a Sat night.
  10. It just went down Ridgeway Road from Manor Top towards Gleadless Townend and the police cars herded it right up Hollinsend Road...apparently they're trying to catch it on Gleadless Road now. Big queue of traffic behind it! Does anyone know where it's from? It must be the same bull surely?
  11. I only heard about this this evening. I hope the cyclist is ok.
  12. Got to agree with you Fudbeer. It's all gone eerily quiet.
  13. That's so awful, I am so sorry for you and your poor cat, I would be devastated if my cat was even hit by a car never mind mauled to death in front of my eyes. Did you manage to identify the breeds of the dogs at all?
  14. I can't imagine you would ever know which cat made you swerve seeing as they would have darted in and out in a flash, so that is a pretty pointless argument. My friend has an outdoor cat who never goes out because she obviously doesn't like to, I have no problem with that, it's the cat's choice. Also some rescue cats who have only ever been indoor cats and are happy as such, no problem. I suppose my point is if you have an indoor cat, do you have to be constantly careful of not leaving doors and windows open? If so I would suggest the cat would be happier outside. If not, fair enough, the cat is content indoors. Personally, my 2 cats love nothing more than to laze around in the sunshine in the garden, or chase birds or butterflies. I can't replicate that environment for them inside my house. We have a cat flap so it is entirely their choice when they go out and come in.
  15. I would disagree as myself and my husband have "posh" accents (he is from the south but I am from much further north than Sheffield!) and our daughter also has a "posh" accent, so you cannot say she is not from Sheffield or trying to lose her Sheffield accent?? She was born here so is a Sheffielder is she not? I still struggle to distinguish between Sheffield, Chesterfield, Rotherham etc, though I can hear variations, I just never know which belongs to where! And I've lived here for 10 years... With my limited knowledge, I would say some people have a very "broad" Sheffield accent whereas others sound "posher" - I'm not sure why this is though, or perhaps the posher sounding ones aren't from Sheffield??
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