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  1. Gloves are off, Keep the two dogs alive, find all thier family, arrest them. The rivers of blood are gonna flow. We the decent humans on this planet must rid ourselves of the cancer that is Islamic extremism.
  2. The shock of the Boston bombing has not turned to hated of the 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for me, I feel pitty and sadness for him. Don't get me wrong I feel far more for the victims of his actions but has the farther of a 19 year old son I can't help but see him as a victim of his elder "Farther figure" bro's radicalisation. I have little no pitty for his dead brother. He will if he lives reflect on what his brother dragged him into and I'm sure this will punish him to the point he wishes he was dead. Radical Islam makes victims also of its young converts, will it end?
  3. He could pass on any number or diseases, Aids, ep A + B. what do the police need to persue this nutter. I would sooner be punched than bitten. People don't realise how dangerous it can be if you are bitten.
  4. It is a fact they are either screwing or screwing things up. Don't knock Israel for confronting the problem of certain races sexual activities. The birth rate figures of the racial split of most nations show the higher rate of unwanted pregnacy amongst certain parts of thier respective population. It is a fact backed up with many studies. That is why Israel are doing what they are doing.
  5. Cyclist should have to have insurance once they are say 16. The ZERO EMISSION option is not risk free for both the cyclist and the people they may interact with. Cyclist have a real chip on their shoulder and are pre disposed to road rage me thinks.
  6. More people are burning rubbish, Black smoke indicative of plastics buning. This has got to be a growing problem.
  7. No! just the day our best post war leader is laid to rest.
  8. Yes and those back stabbing veggies stabbed her in the back to let Major in. They allowed Labour to return to power by betraying our best leader.
  9. Drug dealing greedy WHITE trash. Ask the parents of drug addicted youths and children what they should do with this scrubber. I would shoot her if her drugs corrupted my child.
  10. If the scum who intend to protest at the funeral went back under thier stones then the cost of security would be saved. Just hope that amongst our own scum we don't have any terrorist letting of bombs.
  11. Or while on the phone you hit a young child with your car???????????????????//
  12. My favorite teacher was a LITTLE scary, My dad was a little scary, Maggie was VERY SCARY but still I respected her. The teachers I didn't like bored me and never scared me, because they didn't realy care. When somone cares they have to do whats right for you not what is easy and painless.
  13. What will we sing when Scargill sucks his last coal??????? ding dong the dick is dead.
  14. Every ones favorate teacher was the one you were a little scared of, yet you listened and learned ,you knew they had your best interest at heart. They made you focus and try your best and later in life as a parent yourself you remember that teacher, Maggie was a little if not a whole lot more scary than that teacher but I respected her and trusted that she had our best interests at heart.
  15. People and their phones????????????? well lets say conversations on a phone are killing the art of real conversation and interation with othes. I prefer to conduct my affairs face to face not mouth to ear through a over priced I phone FIVE.
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