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  1. I've been in a couple of times now. Before the change I never felt welcome in there - it had quite a hard edge to it, definitely not the place to chill out with a few friends over a couple of nice pints. Now it's a huge improvement, friendly staff and customers, a great range of local beers plus a few others. Every time I've been in there's been families with kids having meals. I'm sure the old 'regulars' will find somewhere else if they don't like it.
  2. The Weston Park Museum building is stunning when viewed from the park rather than the road. In my view it would grace any city anywhere in the world.
  3. Sheffield Forum isn't the place for trolls. This thread is full of horrible things by anonymous people about someone who's in no position to answer back. Shame on you all.
  4. Personally, I think they're all quite nice in Asda, it's easily one of the friendliest small supermarkets I've been to.
  5. I'm all for the Forum plans. It'll be a great thing for the Walkley area, which is getting better all the time. ---------- Post added 13-06-2015 at 10:14 ---------- We can always start a counter-petition
  6. Hi. Did anyone hear the item on the BBC news this morning about Sheffield and London being the two top cities for start up breweries? If anyone has a link could you post it up here? I'd like to find out more.
  7. I've lived in Walkley the last 30 years or so, and after a period of decline there are real signs of the area picking up. It's increasingly attracting younger professional people and families, and there's a clear sea change in the local demographic. I'm taking a risk on the inevitable criticism this will attract, but neither I or any of my friends ever go to any of the few remaining pubs. They all cater for the same sort of crowd, and it's just not me. I love the Forum bars and pubs: if they were to open in the library it would be a guaranteed success and stimulate a wider revival of the whole area. All my local friends agree. It wouldn't take any business from the existing pubs because we don't go there anyway, but it might stop us going into town or broomhill so often. As for noise, the Walkley cottage, rose house, florist and palm are all in residential areas, and I'm not aware of any problems being reported about them, in fact they all continue to breathe life into the area. So give it a chance and help more people spend more of their money in Walkley. And if there's any way to help it happen, please let me know.
  8. And there's more to living in a city than going shopping. For all round living in, Sheffield's great.
  9. I think Julie Dore's pretty good actually. This appalling government is our problem, protecting the privileged few and asking the rest of us to pay for the catastrophic mistakes of the corrupt, incompetent and selfish bankers.
  10. Where do you have to put the tops of your beer bottles - in the blue bin for glass and plastic recycling, or in the black bin?
  11. The Walkley Beer Company near the library end of South Road is great. A pop up with loads of great ales - they even brew their own and have their own keg on tap. There are a few tables if you fancy taking your time to sample a few. Good company in there. But be warned, it's only open Friday/Saturday evenings.
  12. Hi, you could put it on Sheffield Freegle, someone might want it. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Sheffield-Freegle/info
  13. Claire, I salute your honesty! This Forum is full of people complaining about Sheffield. I disagree, it's a great city with some lovely people and you're a wonderful example!
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