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  1. hope thats true mate cause i aint guna pay 50 notes just for a officer to have a look lol i would just do what everybody else does and do it without permission
  2. just been on a site for permission and found this Planning Permission New rules apply to paving over your front garden under regulations that came into effect from 1 October 2008. Elsewhere around your house there are no restrictions on the area of land which you can cover with hard surfaces at, or near, ground level. However, significant works of embanking or terracing to support a hard surface might need a planning application. If you live in a listed building, you will need listed building consent for any significant works whether internal or external. Please note: the permitted development allowances described here apply to houses not flats, maisonettes or other buildings. View guidance on flats and maisonettes here. Building Regulations Generally a new driveway or patio area does not require building regulations approval. However, you will need to make sure that any alterations do not make access to the dwelling any less satisfactory than it was before. So, for example, changing levels to introduce steps where none existed before would be a contravention of the regulations. its from this site http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/england/public/buildingwork/projects/workcommonpatiodrive and from what ive read it seems to say that you dont need permision aslong as its done to a decent standard and doesnt effect access to your property???
  3. im wanting to drop kirb on my front to put a drive on garden for car i live on yew lane and most have drives quite a few are make shift ones some havent even got slabs on garden who do you ring to get permission to have a drive
  4. where can i buy a ide hard drive 2.5 inch anything from 40 gig to 80 gig its for a old samsung q25 think it can only take upto 80 gig one thats no good is 40 gig its the old ide and obviously looked at pc world ect ect... and smallest they sell 2.5inch is like 160 gigs???
  5. lol there always at it 1 nearly hit me other week lost control over hill and had to hit brakes hard :loopy::loopy::loopy::loopy:
  6. sorted changed the rf unit with a spare 1 from 1 on my xbox bits and works yepee
  7. i bought it like that lad said it doesnt work with pad plugged a wired pad in and works no proplem just took facia of all seem ok still cant figure out whats up with it apart from something must be wrong with wireless somewhere in the 360
  8. dmh79 not yet mate will take facia of when i get home later and try that will let ya no got me puzzled
  9. yes mate when i press sync on the console it flashes as its supposed to starts spinning ect... same with pad
  10. there 25 from game mate think il just wait and get 1 from hmv for 15
  11. where can i buy a 360 joypad goto be wired argos none in stock hmv out of stock none in currys none in pc world
  12. tried all above already it aint pad as ive tried 3 and all work on other consoles?
  13. my xbox 360 wont work with wireless pads but if i use wired pad its fine yes i have sync both pad and console changed battery's ect...
  14. he nearly went straight into front of my car and if i had not turned quickly he would have done so so his training had no effect my ability to think quick and move quick stoped a head on smash nothing to do with the drivers training
  15. lol ive been driving 15 yrs i no what sort of speed a car is doing lol jog on and yes you get just as many idiots doing the same as the police do end of subject for me
  16. ps and ive seen quite a few coppers driving in access of 70+ in a 30 zone without lights and no siren with kids about 1 came flying over hill other day and nearly lost control yep they have right good training
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