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  1. Just called it in to 101 but could only get through to South Yorkshire Police as that extension was engaged, they said they'd pass it on and call me back if they needed anything more. Hope it's of use, and of course hope he is found safe and well
  2. Sorry - just re-read your original post - I'm happy to report this to 101 or contact you directly if you think my above comment is relevant or can help, just give me a shout Thanks
  3. Hi Felt compelled to reply as it might be of some help. Last night (just before 8pm) I saw two people sheltering from the rain under the roof of a car wash next to the Four Lanes chippie on Leppings Lane, Hillsborough, Sheffield. It was a young white male and a young blonde female - also Caucasian, I thought it was weird at the time - they were sat on the floor leaning up against a wall and looked as if they'd been there for some time. When I woke up this morning they were sitting on the pavement outside my house midway down Vere Road (about 2 mins from where I saw them last night) talking for about an hour, listening to music on a phone. I didn't get a good look at the lad either time, but from his clothes I would have said he was younger than this Garry chap, around 18-19 perhaps but I really didn't get a good look so felt it was worth mentioning. The girl was wearing white, and had died blonde hair. I would have aged her at around the same but they both had their back to me this morning and were around 40/50 feet away last night. I thought on both occasions that it was unusual, so thought it was worth mentioning here in case it was Garry or could help in any way.
  4. A new blog - thesmokingmexican.com is a Sheffield based social commentary recruiting fresh and witty writers to submit content to what will eventually be a community of opinion. If you can write about life in the North, your experiences elsewhere, popular culture or just enjoy a good rant then get in touch. Already part of the Vice Blog network (an affiliated blog of Vice Magazine - viceland.com) The Smoking Mexican is heading for cult status, and with your help it could be so much more. So if you're a writer, a comedian or both - we want you're stuff! Of course you'll be credited with a tasty byline, but payment isn't offered because its independent and free press with no advertising whatsoever. We do it for free too. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, contact Tommy Blank on info@thesmokingmexican.com. Dissolutioned satire writers preferred but not essential!
  5. Allow me to share some of my experiences, as this is a very old thread and its difficult to make any decisions based on posts from 2007. All of the below experiences are from 2010 Feb-March, and I'm still undecided on which I will join. Virgin - A 10 min busride from the city centre, its tucked away behind Lidl on Chesterfield Rd. Pros - its absolutely huge, very clean, staff are friendly, lots of trainers around to ask for assistance, PLENTY of machines, no queues for machines even at peak times although the gym does get very busy. Lots of equiptment such as boxing punchbags, a full size climbing wall (one induction and you're free to climb as and when) and the spa/sauna area is very very chilled. Cons - The pool is tiny, full of kids having swimming lessons. full length but the lanes are very very tight to the point where two people doing breast-stroke will collide into one another if they are swimming in neighbouring lanes. Price: Peak membership is £45/pm but you are tied to a 12 month contract. The buy out of this contract was murmered to me at 'somewhere between 25 and 50% of your remaining balance'. Greens - smaller than Virgin, sits just behind eccy road near the London road end. big reputation for being the best, but its very busy. Pros - nice pool, lots of machines, lots of classes and the location is great. Cons - very pushy staff (personally have been phoned about 10 times, emailed and texted by one member of their team since being shown round) and a bit of an attitude problem, quote "we dont give free trial days to stop people taking the ****'. Nice. Price: £46 peak membership with the first month free, £39 pm without the free offer, bit of a stupid offer really, saving yourself £39 initially instead of £72 annually. Plus £10 joining fee (quite a dated concept) and £25 for your fob that gets you in the building and lockers. Mercure - St Pauls hotel gym/spa, peace gardens. Amazing city centre location, very very quiet and a tiny little gym. Pros - Gorgeous pool, very quiet and tranquil, sometimes you will get it all to yourself so I'm told. Location is perfect for us city workers. Its open to the public but they charge the earth so you're only likely to bump into members and hotel guests there. Nice sauna/steam room. Cons - The gym is TINY, only four treadmills and not much of a presence from the staff with regards to assistance, although they're very friendly when you do see them about. Changing rooms are tiny, as is the Sauna. Its difficult to know whether it gets busy really. Classes are seemingly very limited. Price: £46 p/m, no joining fee. Living Well - Hilton Hotel gym on Victoria Quays, good location, quiet gym. Pros - nice location, nice pool although small. Towels given to you on arrival and breakfast served for members in the morning. Cheaper than the others. Friendly staff, quite a lot of machines Cons - old machines - kinda dusty, they seem a little desperate for members and i've heard rumours of filthy changing facilities but I cant confirm that. Doesnt quite match up to the feel of most living well gyms that are a lot nicer in terms of how its furbished. Price: £39 p/m, first month free - but they seem flexible/desperate Hope this is helpful - more info soon when i get it
  6. Hi I know 'whats a good gym in Sheffield' has been done to death on here but I've had tours of Greens, Virgin, Mercure and LivingWell and am at a crossroads. I've ruled out Virgin because its just too busy, and Greens because its just that little bit too far from where I work and where I live, and would have to factor buses into the already quite high cost of membership. So, I wanted to know if Living Well (Hilton down on Victoria Quays) gym is an overall nice place to train/swim as the only review I found online is four years old and absolutely slates it in terms of hygiene/cleanliness: http://sports.ciao.co.uk/Livingwell_Health_Club_Sheffield__6558165 Its right next to my work and cheaper per month than most gym's peak membership (£38 ). To the Mercure members, it looked great although small - only four treadmills worries me, seeing as I'd be using the gym at peak times (5-7) and although my tour guide assured me there's never a wait for a machine, I find it hard to believe they never have more than 4 people wanting to run at once. My tour was at 2 on a Monday afternoon so I have no way of telling how busy it gets. I'd really value your feedback, as I've now got my concerns about both despite them being my favourite candidates.:) Thanks in advance Remmie
  7. Got some family up today from London - looking for something like a farmers market or a craft fair in S Yorkshire, driving distance from Sheff town centre...any ideas? Bakewell is a tad bit far really, they've done lots of driving today!
  8. 'Mmmm... I have a university background but if I stoop to your level then I can imagine you are some dreadlocked , scruffy , unemployed hippie - the sort of nobody that is nothing more than an irritant to society' Whats this?! A BNP sympathiser relying on stereotypes and generalisations? I wont hear of it! As it happens you will find me to be a well dressed IT advisor working in the public sector, not that this is of any importance to this thread. We'll if we're 'stooping' to eachothers level, I'll push the boat out and throw some stereotypical sentiments your way. There's only one thing that seprates the BNP from Hitler's NSDAP and that's that their all too fat to give us a decent game of footy in no mans land on Christmas day.
  9. Many thanks to those with an IQ higher than a glass of water who replied to my original post with some useful input. ...and to those with nothing but negativity to contribute, YOU are the very reason to put events like this on in the first place; to raise awareness and prevent the un-informed making the mistake of falling into a pit of small-minded ignorance like yourselves with an over inflated sense of entitlement to freedom of speech, or freedom to offend as you seem to interpret it. My sincere apologies if we get up your Neanderthal noses with our acceptance, equality, diversity and harmonious celebration. Although I hear isolation, blame culture, resentment and prejudice make for a cracking party.....
  10. thanks chris1983.....insightful comment there. I'll try the fella in UK Mama cheers!
  11. A Djembe is an african goblet drum, it comes in different sizes and is usually carved out of wood with a goat skin. Question is - where to buy one? There's no chance I'd consider buying a drum online, to hand over cash without hearing its sound would be a ludicrous prospect to a drummer, especially as there are many cheap immitations out there. I even looked all over London at the weekend, Wembly Drum Centre and the famous Denmark Street both came up blanks! Any ideas?
  12. Some advice on how to set up an event would be fantastic thanks....
  13. I am in the initial stages of organising a music event in association with Love Music Hate Racism. In reaction to the British Nazi Party's success in the euro-elections and with the summer months approaching, its the perfect time to make some noise. The idea is to hold a music festival on Devonshire Green, so my first question would be who do I need to speak to in order to get permission to hold it here? Secondly, I will be putting together a nice big list of performers so please get in touch if you are involved in a performance act (not just music) and are willing to perform at the event. I will have Sheffield Samba Band on board (as I'm in it) and am hoping to get hold of Capoeira groups, fire poi performers, bhangra groups, african music groups (as many djembe as possible!) acoustic bands and buskers. Any information with you have that you feel might be useful please share. This event is about diversity and celebrating Sheffield's vibrant cultures from all over the globe! Love Music, Hate Racism!
  14. performing outside topshop yesterday lunchtime, absolutely fantastic - anyone able to tell me what their name is or guide me toward their website if they have one?
  15. nah not shut, just doesn't give out its number. used to be a customer service number but now theres just an email. makes sense cos theyre so busy as it is the queue would be even bigger if they were answering the fones all day to peeps wanting to know how much they'd get for each game in a stack as high as your armpit!
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