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  1. Hi I’m looking for recommendations for a contractor to dig up a front garden and lay a drive way in stannington S6. don’t need a drop kerb Thanks.
  2. The answer then would surely be to address the problem of the bad junctions and drivers.
  3. Please can you specify which branch of subway you were in and what sandwich you had as I feel these are details that are sadly missing. TIA. Also what is Spice.
  4. We have been using the Peacock regularly for the passed year for meals but have recently found that although the quality of food is still ok the service has gone down hill considerably. This said we have started going to Minnies in Stannington and The Wisewood at Loxley (Wisewood food is delicious)
  5. its the minifig man. hes on the moor near primark on Saturdays. they're Chinese figures (I think) but great quality, my lad loves them
  6. My son is a Y2 student at Westways and I can hand on heart say that since the new head has been appointed his reading has improved, as has his writing and Maths. The reading books that he brings home are the same as the ones that other schools have been using for over a year, and speaking to parents from other schools they can't believe how out of date and touch Westways was under the old regime. Some people don't like change and are too set in their ways. I have only had a positive experience since the new head came on board.
  7. Not sure how it can be classed as an eyesore?
  8. I know its not in the town centre but I believe there is a model shop on Attercliffe road opposite Frymaster chip shop. sorry not sure of names though
  9. I am under the care of the RHH presently and I can confirm that whilst there is a branch of Boots there is also a large hospital pharmacy on the same floor. This provides all the meds for the inpatients and its where I also went to get my prescriptions as an out patient.
  10. Surely if you live near ecclesall road you can catch any of the frequent buses from there into town on Leopold St (approx. 10 mins) then walk around to Cathedral to catch a tram to Meadowhall ( approx. 15 mins). I journey from stannington to Meadowhall every day on bus and tram and it doesn't take that long, A citywide 28day bus and tram ticket is a very reasonable £60
  11. Hi I can highly recommend Savills on Division Street in the city centre. I personally go to Pete but they're all great in there.
  12. I was speaking to the lady that I think owns it last week and she says that they are adding storage and public loos. so still looks to be going ahead
  13. When on the tram recently my phone has picked up a Tracsis wifi network so not sure if they're been used as wifi access points for the trams?
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