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  1. I'm a registered childcare provider looking to maybe change the way I work. Does anyone need/or needed in the past one off or short term childcare and found it diificult to find?
  2. Well done everyone who took part in the litter pick in Firth Park today.
  3. Fanoush do amazing wraps completely vegetarian/vegan have three shops that I know of on London Road, Broomhill and in the city centre near the top of the Moor ---------- Post added 17-06-2018 at 09:53 ---------- Big chaines such as M and s, Sainsburys and Boots all have vegan option sarnies. Waterstones and Costa have vegan cakes and sometimes salads. Pizza Express do a vegan pizza. Chain cafes often have plant based milk for tea too.
  4. The Yes shop formally Cartridge World on Bellhouse Road do photocopying I think and the library is still open.
  5. Anyone know what's happened? I heard earlier that there were 6 police cars blocking the road off. Sheffield Star saying armed police were there due to an incident.
  6. Hi just contacted Yorkshire Water supplies are off in parts of S5 due to a leak near Northern General
  7. Anyone been out on the roads? What are they like?
  8. All being well I plan to join you. Where are you planning to target in particular?
  9. I use the number 3 bus to Wincobank school twice a day. If buses are taken off due to lack of use then I can understand that. But the number 3 at school pick up drop /off times covers 4 schools. The buses are standing room only once they get to Firth Park. They used to be every 10 minutes at peak times. Now only every 20 minutes plus that''s if they turn up at all. Absolute jam packed. A little lad in a wheelchair gets on near Hinderwell House school, said two buses were full before he managed to get on. He'd been there 45 minutes. I had to get a taxi to pick up yesterday due to a missing bus. Ridiculous. ---------- Post added 07-10-2017 at 08:53 ---------- I mean Hinde House school!
  10. Hi I'm a registered childminder in the Firth Park area. I have a part time space for a child under 5 and/or a after school pick up from Wincobank school. Hatfield school may also be a possibility as my daughter works with me as my assistant. I also have space for some summer holiday cover. Any further details please contact by pm
  11. Part time vacancy available in the Firth Park Area for a child under 5 from September. Also a space available for a child over 8 for school pick up from Concord Junior School.
  12. Who'said the email from? Be good if that is the case
  13. Be nice to actually know what kind of people will be housed here. Sounds like a done deal to me. We only received a proposal today. This is a residential street. Will there be people hanging around at all hours. How can a proper objection be given without adequate information/time scale to do so?
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