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  1. Some of you might be interested in this? There was recently a 'virtual' hole in the road exhibit at the Millennium Gallery, which I wrote about here... http://www.northernsoul.me.uk/sheffield-hole-in-the-road-gallery/
  2. My recollection is that it was something like "Sheffield is built on seven hills - and some of the buildings are made of stone." Yes, it's a very poor name indeed.
  3. You might find it interesting to Google the semi-finals at Hillsborough in 1981, 1987 and 1988...
  4. The slow, treacly encroachment of the thick black imperial stout forces can't be far away...
  5. I think 'craft beer' as a term is gaining popularity because it encompasses the full range of 'non-industrial' beers (not a completely satisfactory term, as the likes of Sierra Nevada produce craft beer on an industrial scale), whereas the phrase 'real ale' was introduced by CAMRA and has a very precise definition which, it's argued, doesn't allow for some of the really adventurous and wonderful beers now being produced which don't happen to be served from the cask. Unfortunately it's become a bit of a controversial point in recent times. Ultimately, you have to ask yourself 'does this beer taste good?'. If the answer's yes, don't worry what it's called!
  6. There is a shuttle bus (10 minute journey) from Liverpool Airport to Liverpool South Parkway Station. From there, you can get a train direct to Sheffield.
  7. I guess you're joking or something, but anyway... Liverpool One had/has no connection whatsoever with Capital of Culture. It was on the way long before the city was even awarded that status.
  8. No problem! I totally agree with what you were saying anyway
  9. Not sure where this oft-repeated nugget comes from, but the Mathew Street Festival in Liverpool every August bank holiday is a great deal bigger, with 360,000 visitors over two days this year. That event also promotes itself as - guess what - the largest free city centre music festival in Europe. And where exactly this leaves the Notting Hill Carnival, with millions attending, I'm not quite sure. The point is though really that OriginB is quite right - there are lots of home-grown, high quality events going on in Sheffield, and Tramlines has grown quickly to become a fantastic, popular event with a distinctive Sheffield character. It's all there if you're interested and don't expect cultural activity to somehow simply be delivered to you on your sofa at home.
  10. Me and you alchresearch - we should offer some kind of relocation service.
  11. 2-3 miles from city centre: Mossley Hill, Allerton Road area, Sefton Park, Calderstones Park, Wavertree, Aigburth, St Michaels hamlet - all good. Unlike Sheffield, Liverpool has a great suburban rail network and a series of underground stations in town, so lots of people use the train rather than the bus. If this sounds attractive, look around the Merseyrail stations of Aigburth, Cressington, Wavertree, Liverpool South Parkway etc. Depends how far out of town you want to go really. You might also want to look at flats closer to the city centre: there are some amazing streets branching off Hope Street - all Georgian terraces, many of which are converted into flats. This area is very close to the University, so lots of students and lecturers already live round here, plus it's round the corner from the Everyman Theatre, the Philharmonic Hall, the Unity Theatre, both cathedrals...etc. If I was moving to the city (again), that's the area I would go for, but your preferences may be different. Crosby and Waterloo in the north of the city are lovely, and have a huge beach, and are on the Merseyrail network, but they're further out of town. Likewise the Wirral; again, some nice places with good train service, but a bit out of the action for me. Liverpool is a super-fine city and there are loads of great places to live. You can move with confidence - as I did, 15 years ago! If you want more detailed info, drop me a PM.
  12. I'll put fifty quid on it being The Bluetones. They were virtually a Stone Roses tribute act as I recall. Certainly, Brown and Squire should be earning royalties off this track... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIzcRqyXGdk
  13. He used to be good in the Crucible pantomimes.
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