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  1. Have u got a set of pans and a wooden spoon? Dont forget to close the door behind you!
  2. prop urself up in bed so the wax dunt shift and block ur hole, thus creating the muffled morningness.
  3. Sound like freaks but you may aswell get it over and done with, as always in such cases, the people with the authority to do anything, dont bother and then the victim becomes the criminal when they have reached the end of their tether, so just beat them and then go to prison, then this time next yr u will be out, setting up a website for justice or summat x
  4. I got a letter yesterday telling me that my sons transfer to secondary application form had not been recieved, his primary school have told me to fill the form out online, but i dont know how to find it:huh: Any ideas anyone?
  5. Ignore what u have been told and contact the school... Im sure they wont slam the phone down in disgust @ ur question, and if they do.. well u will remember why u chose home ed, hope she does well x
  6. Go online to next directory, they have a sale section and maybe even still selling summer stuff. They deliver next day.
  7. Think about it:confused: You go out on the ale, loose your key, the other half wont let you in till the morn..... Do a quick wee in sight of a bobby... and bobs ur uncle... a room without a view for the next few hours:hihi:
  8. Dont be so nieve to think that a company isnt dangerous just because they have a contract, in alot of circumstances it isnt until disaster strikes that the hazards are fully discovered, by which time it is too late. The rant was actually mine not my husbands but thanks for the directions of which to aim them, although im sure he is already aware. The issues I was raising wasnt about who to contact, they were more about the dangers that they seem willing to allow their workforce into, and who they will look to blame in the long run. I cant speak for all the other sub contractors for amec as they will all have different working patterns, but certainly the company my O/H is employed by has set working hours, which he always goes over for the amec lads on his patch as he has a good friendship with them and they know they are equal to him and not above him..something those pipe pushers in sheffield failed to understand...as they stood there alone.
  9. When my son was little he had pneumonia and stayed in hosp on a few occasions as he suffered bad asthma for a couple of yrs after which required up to a week stay at a time, we were with him 24/7 one of us there, the other at home with the our other son, or sometimes both of us there if nanans were available for the other un. We saw this kind of thing all the time..but worse than that was when the staff told me xmas eve and new yrs eve are terrible on that ward for parents wanting to go out, faking their childs asthma attack in the hope they could leave them overnight... Discraseful... Even down to turning up in their xmas doo gear, full slap and tinsel...
  10. I can relate to this... A friend gave me a chain with a pendant of amythest when we were about 12 claiming it would bring me luck, my life became drastically worse, as I got older I stopped wearing the chain as much and things picked up, possibly unrelated but i do think about that chain alot when I reflect on that era of my life... Of course now I know that in order for a crystal to work for you it has to be charged to you... Maybe the person who gave it to you didnt know this and u got some bad vibes... providing there are any vibes that exist.
  11. Indeed it is a topic that will no doubt create varied answers, but there are alot of openly spiritual people who use the forum and perhaps they may wish to tell us about the topic as apose their flatulence problems, as interesting as they are.....
  12. My O/H works along side amec, he cant do his job until they have done theirs.....lets just say he dunt get home very early...EVER!!!!! They take all day to do their job,(when it should have been sorted hrs before) leaving the fitter with **** loads of work and not enough hrs to do it in (we are talkin tea time or later every day before they are anywhere nr ready) and then their bosses go mad at them as the contract could end if amec arnt happy with the figures (that essentially cant be acheived by law in the hrs they have left) The enviroment between managment and staff for my O/H company is absalutly diabolical as no matter how much the gaffers agree that amec are slow and useless they wont say jack all as they want the contract, thus creating a toxic atmosphere... Having said that my OH isnt based in Sheffield, although it would seem the best option he says NO WAY. The lads here are even slower, he came on one occasion to cover Sheff and he said one of the lads started bein a gob <removed> when he said he was going home, it was 10pm, his shift was done @8, as far as he was concerned hed done2 hrs over time and had he stayed he wouldnt have been finished til well into the early hrs,(his friend is based in sheff and says its this way everyday) he didnt see why he should when it was purely down to poor and slow workmanship....Oh and the fact that the bloke in question wasnt in anyway shape or form in any kind of authority over my O/H and speaking to him like he was...well lets just say he was tucked up in bed by 10:10... Attitude problems by incompetent workers dont go down that well with a grafter.. So to the guy defending amec, im sure your policys are the same through out the country and as I have said the atmosphere is really bad. A good workforce is a happy workforce, dont expect the contractors to be able to do a job when ur own men arnt doing theirs. The chance of disaster is probably made far bigger by the fact the lads are expected to forefill amecs unrealistic dreams, a point that has infact been raised amongst the workforce at my fellaz place, but of course thats a chance the gaffers will take, to keep their precious amec contract. THE WAY AMEC WORK IS A DANGER AND I AM GLAD TO HAVE HAD THE OPPERTUNITY TO HAVE SAID THIS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE AGAINST BOTH COMPANIES.
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