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  1. I think you've used the wrong term though, as only a group can be institutionally any-ist... A person/individual is just whatever-ist
  2. A institutionally racist person would be someone who works in a business where racism is 100% accepted and completely normal, or is a member of a group where such opinions are acceptable... We can't make such an assumption based on this footage, which isn't complete anyways, as both the beginning and the end are missing for some reason?
  3. Like I said, some people will be comfortable with what she says, and others won't be... For many people, racism only works one way when it can be directed at any of us, and generally in situations less open and 'shouty' than the situation we are discussing here...
  4. I think you need to look at the footage, and listen to what comes after the initial exchange regarding bawling out in front of the kids - the black woman then resorts to racist comments, which some might be comfortable with, or uncomfortable with - but she didn't start with the racism in the footage shown on youtube, it was the white woman who started, seemingly at random, shouting various racist comments around the carriage... Perhaps it's you who needs to try harder, eh?
  5. To say that you *might* accuse someone of being a rapist in a temper tantrum is a step beyond though, don't you think?
  6. Got to be honest - no... Nothing that was really horrible to someone else - why would I? There are a few people those close to me love to bits, but I find rancid! I keep this under my hat... What exactly would I gain, apart from the upset of those I love...
  7. I don't know if she would know about UK immigration history - she was African, and so would more than likely have arrived in the UK in the last few years... She appeared to be defending her right to be in the UK as she will take any work, whereas the whites don't want work - That is a pretty racist thing to say, and shows her up to be someone with a lack of understanding of the country she has relocated to... Not really a great thing in her favour, but this is possibly a opinion she keeps to herself most of the time, just thought she'd share it when a fellow racist was ranting in her presence...
  8. Wow - that is all I have to say... I have never retaliated with anything I did not believe... As they say about drunks being more honest (lack of inhibition) anger creates honesty too... People rarely say what they don't really mean when they are angry, in my experience... Often interesting to see what those who you thought you knews opinions are on some things...
  9. It would be a reach in anyones mind not to see the black woman as a racist too - But then, as I said before, she was keeping her mealy mouthed thoughts and opinions on white people and their not wanting work (??? What colour does she think the bulk of politicians and bankers in the city of London are? Sky Blue Pink with Yellow spots?) to herself prior to meeting a fellow 'genius' on the tram and having a meeting of minds...
  10. Seated gigs bore me - you have to stand, have a jostle to the front and yes occasionally someone gets carried over the barriers - It's all part of the fun! Anyone who doesn't enjoy that side of a gig would stand much further back where the pushing and shoving is much less... Gigs are normally for 18+, very few are for those aged 14+...
  11. Yep, they're both racist - But the black woman was keeping her right wing thoughts to herself, until the white woman started drunkenly throwing insults around the carriage - she obviously had no clue as to how to deal with the white english woman who went for her towards the end of the footage... But how warming to see two racists having a barney on public transport! What a wonderful country that they can find each other to loathe so easily!
  12. B&Q have head them in the past, and probably still do... I bought some from there before... TJ Hughes sell loads of solar garden lights too...
  13. The fish is yellow? That's not ghee - I have no clue what that is??? Devonshire Chippy is aimed at the 'one off' experience... They don't imagine anyone would go back a seond time... It is truely rancid!
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