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  1. I have lived in this area for 20 years now and would not want to live anywhere else. Most people are friendly and talk to each other. I own an investment property on Norfolk road and know this road very well. It is a very desirable road for owner occupiers and when something comes up for sale, usually sells well providing the price is right.
  2. In this market, everyone wants a bargain. Buyers are few, and if your house isn`t bigger, better , cheaper, and someone elses is. Then the buyer would go for the other one. If the house is in brilliant condition, then its only down to price. Serious buyers will trawl the main search engines like Rightmove and Globrix, and it wont matter to them, whether the house is being sold through an internet only agent or one of the bigger more established agents. In other words they are going to see everything on the search engines anyway. Its the buyer that decides which house they are going to buy, and what price they are prepared to pay, not the agent.
  3. Actually the overall costs of energy are not all that differant, but it can seem more than normal because of the differance in the fact that British gas don`t do a standing charge, but instead charge more for the first so many kWh units to cover the standing charge. The remaining units in a quarter are then considerably cheaper. So if you compare it to some other companies who charge a flat rate for the energy and then a standing charge, it more or less evens itself out.
  4. A cheap alternative to a solicitor is to put it through the small claims court. Your proof isn`t just about reciepts. You are a witness to your sons ownership of the tools, plus anyone else who knows your son. The main point though is if they ignore the county court order. the judgement can be put through, against them. Once a County Court Judgement(CCJ) has been entered into the register, it is a Public register, which means it is not subject to data protection. In other words you can then safely tell anyone you like about it, and name them. Once you have your copy of the judgement, you could even send a copy to their bank, if you wanted to. That would put the cat amongst the pigeons for them.
  5. In this day and age the Royal family is absurd, in the sense that a wealthy family can basicaly think of itself as better than anyone else. On the other hand they have been born into their situation and therefore cannot help it. They have to make the best of it just like anyone else born outside of it. They are trapped in an Ivory tower. I personally would not wish to change places with any of them. With regards to my own IQ, I tend to let my favourite brain cell do most of the work; the one I can trust; whilst the rest just look on.
  6. Having recently looked in Ponsfords, I then ended up buying several pieces of furniture from the nearby antiques emporiums and shops. A lot cheaper, better quality wood work, and aesthetically more pleasing on the eye. One of the problems with their so called period furniture is that it does not look like the real thing.
  7. Ferguson didn`t help Rio`s case by saying that he played a lot of games injured, and that his ongoing injuries wouldn`t let him play too many games close together in the Euros. More mind games from Ferguson? Extending his Man U shelf life? After all the injuries lately ,you can`t blame Hodgson for picking younger, healthier players. Also bear in mind, he`s got one eye on the future, with the world cup 2 years away.
  8. The joke doing the rounds is, with so many Liverpool players, England will field the Brookside XI, and in a group of 4, come 8th! Of course the main tactic, maybe to do a Greece or Italy. Don`t let any goals in, and nick a goal.
  9. With Micah Richards, its not just his positioning thats questionable, its his discipline in keeping the shape of the team. Hodgsons number 1 priority is to keep the shape and drill the players over and over again. Managers in general want the players to do what they say. Any mistake at international level, is more likely to be punished. With Kelly called up, that makes 6 Liverpool players in the squad.
  10. There used to be an inflatable school, with inflatable pupils,inflatable teachers, and an inflatable headmaster. One day a pupil was caught taking a drawing pin into school. The headmaster said to him, "You`ve let the school down, you`ve let me down, but most of all you`ve let yourself down!"
  11. I once saw an alternative magician. He pulled a top hat out of a rabbit! The rabbit was already dead, so it didn`t suffer.
  12. It would be interesting if Dalglish, got the Swansea job, and finished above Liverpool!
  13. He worked under Morinho at Chelsea so maybe Liverpool hope he`s learned a thing or two about winning at a big club.
  14. May the Lord strike me blind if I so much as look. But I think I`ll risk one eye!
  15. If they ignore the court order, and don`t pay they will get a County Court Judgement on their credit referance file.This is on a public register and therefore is not subject to data protection. They would have 1 month to pay what they owe you. After that its on their file for 6 years. As a business they would not want it, so you should stand a decent chance of getting your money back, so long as you are in the right.
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