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  1. Hi does anyone know where I can take a tortoise for its beak to be trimmed? Thanks
  2. I cancelled some pet insurance in July, I cancelled the direct debit and rang the company to tell them i wouldnt be renewing, this company was in the middle of being taken over by another company, So today i noticed they have still been taking £24 a month since august, I rang them up and told them it was wrong and that i had cancelled the policy via phone and the direct debit, they cant trace the call, Obviously i want a refund so what can i do? Is it my bank to blame for allowing another direct debit from a slightly different named company and double the amount to come out of my account? Dont know where to go with this as im annoyed and want my money back, any advice?
  3. Me and my friend love this place and the park but the history of it is very mysterious and near impossible to find, Its owned now by a Clifford Newbold who bought the house in 1997 for 1.5 million, now this is the biggest glass fronted stately home in europe and sits on 160 acres of land, Does anyone know anything about it, I know about the fitzwilliam family and then it being a college for "P.E" teachers and now the police use it too, but no one has ever seen the owner, hes a "recluse" and only hires european staff as he says " there less into gossip" Also the last earl fitzwilliam spent 3 weeks burning 160 tons of the families history via paper work, its all very secretive and intriguing
  4. bluevan

    I'm wanting to re-home a dog.

    was just going to add Angels animal rescue, lots of little dogs in at the moment
  5. The accident yesterday morning involved my husbands friend, He was travelling home in his van when some idiot overtaking in the opposite direction came straight at him, He must have been doing some speed because the impact tipped his transit van! Fortunately hes fine but his van is a right off, not sure about the other vehicle involved as if im honest I didn't ask!
  6. bluevan

    Found great new pet shop

    Ive also been in the shop, the bloke is lovely and very helpful, Its quite a well stocked shop too to say its not big, and he did say he could order items in that I needed, He's a lot cheaper than pets at home which is where I normally shop, I shall be going there from now on, Like someone already said, Id rather support a local business than fill pets at homes pockets!
  7. bluevan

    Driving licence question

    Hi, Its £50 for your provisional licence, Its £20 a lesson (1 hour) or £38 for 2 hours, It took me 8 months, at 1 lesson a week, although I did miss a few what with working or holidays, Its then £32 for your theory and hazard perception test, Obviously if you fail that you have to pay £32 again, then the actual practical test is £60 plus you can have an hours lesson before and then you have to pay for using the instructors car for your test so that's another £38, I passed with Sandersons school of motoring, Lovely bloke George! Still miss our lessons
  8. SANDERSONS school of motoring! covers S5 and surrounding area's, I can not recommend this lovely guy enough! George, is a patient, kind and very funny bloke! nothing phases him! Ive got my test soon and when I pass I will really miss him he does 4 hours for £40 for first timers, or £20 an hour or £38 for 2 hours, top bloke!!
  9. bluevan

    New sofa that i hate!

    I've got a 3 seater and a chair, brown leather suite, the chair and both ends of the sofa recline, but It's just too big for my room and I don't use the recliners, Ideally I'd like to sell it and put the cash towards a new one, but how much can I get? I paid £2099 for it just under a yr ago, It's in perfect condition still, one of my friends said that you can take them to certain stores and "trade" them in against a new one but I've never heard of this? Any ideas ppl
  10. Hi has anyone paid to have a puppy sent over from ireland? I keep seeing adverts for puppies that can be delivered free of charge from londonderry? Is this right? Or is this "puppy farming" I have heard of people buying dogs abroad for good "bloodlines" but to just buy a puppy from there because there cheaper? And would the puppy need a passport? Has anyone done this? Thanks
  11. bluevan

    Buying a puppy from ireland?

    Yes i agree, I wasnt looking for a puppy thats "cheap" I was looking for a certain breeder and this one in londonderry kept cropping up and it just made me curious
  12. bluevan

    Buying a puppy from ireland?

    Neither of the above, I dont want anything illegal and it was a saint bernard i was looking at, Im just suspicious that they can sell and deliver for cheaper than i can pay in the uk? But he's a registered user for a good few years on different "puppy for sale sites" and if there had been any problems wouldnt he be reported? banned?
  13. Hi, does anyone know whos in charge of sorting the pitch's for this years gala? thanks
  14. Can you just go to the charles clifford still? I know it used to have a walk in service for emergencies, But im not sure if it still works like that, Anyone else know or been recently? Thanks
  15. bluevan

    Charles clifford dentist

    Oh dear! So ive got a cracked filling and bad tooth ache, My dentist is shut, Ive rung the out of hours number on their answer machine, they rang back and said theres no appointments and to take paras and wash my mouth out with salt water? What am i meant to do till tuesday? Any ideas and dont suggest pulling it myself cos if i thought i could without making it worse id be in the tool box now
  16. bluevan

    Where to get a boxer pup from ??

    Northern rose boxer rescue has lots of lovely boxers needing a new home or you could even help foster one http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/groups/200544452934/
  17. Having accidently found a thread on here about my father and the school he attended, It has made me think if anyone else will have known him and have stories to share, He was born in 1951, he was a big bloke 6ft3" and a roofer by trade, he worked for "malden" martin brookes" beasham" over the years, He died in 2004 and was only 53 and never got to see his 2 grandchildren, there must be lots of things i didnt know about him and would love stories to pass on to my son about his "grandad". He went to hurlfield and arbourthorne schools and college for roofing, he lived on fellbrigg road and had 3 sisters and a younger brother, He had lots of nick names lol , "poggy" (which he hated) white cliffs of dover, mountain man lol he liked a drink so these nick names were probably given to him after a good few pints! Thanks Kathy
  18. bluevan

    Clifford Poxon did you know him?

    Hi Gordon Ive sent you a message to your email address and my mum does remember you well lol x
  19. bluevan

    Lost great danes *found*

    Ive put a link on my facebook and posted in the S5 group so hopefully someone will spot Bella
  20. bluevan

    Awful neighbours

    Im 90% certain that your not allowed to keep chickens unless you have written consent from both joining neighbours and im sure your not allowed cockerals full stop! Ring council and check
  21. Has rain rescue still got the 14 month old ddb Chilli? If so id be interested, Pm details please Thanks
  22. bluevan

    Rain rescue, Chilli the DDB

    Sorry, just seen it and replied
  23. bluevan

    Printer? Which one?

    Hi Im wanting a new printer, I dont use them often just the odd picture or document now and again so im wondering which will be best to buy, I dont want a fancy one with a 100 functions lol and i dont want one that takes expensive inks, Cheap and cheerful will do me, Any advice please ? Thanks Kathy
  24. bluevan

    Dogs free to a good home

    Yes but how would it be policed? What would stop people (scum) from breeding there dog and selling the pups by word of mouth? Its a hard problem to solve because the people that cause the problem are irresponsible idiots who wouldnt abide by a law anyway

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