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  1. DaisyBoo I am a amateur photographer, and have been building up my equipment over the past couple of years, and continually developing my skills, would be looking for creditation and link to add to my portfolio……..would be happy to discuss this further, either contact me through here or via my flickr link.
  2. It was on the Littledale estate, the Mather Road Sports Pavillion, a couple of fire tenders and local police in attendance. Was passing, managed to get a few shots taken before they put it out. there on my flickr if you want to see them.
  3. Was a good day even from a spectators perspective, managed to snap a few at the 2 mile point, respect to all those that took part, well done.
  4. [quoteQuote: Originally Posted by KarlM1983 To make it worse it's been widely reported that Asian youths were lauching rocks & bottles at emergency services while they were trying to put out the blaze. Should've just let it spread. Give the area the re-generation it badly needs. I did not see or hear anything to this nature, But I certainly agree Darnall badly needs regeneration. ] There were some youths there....... but youth being youths nothng more, certainly no throwing stuff at the Sy fire service
  5. Nice capture, like the positioning on the No3, nice one
  6. Stratford upon avon is a nice little hamlet, went there just before christmas for a quiet weekend with other half to get away from it all, was nice with some lovely walks and nice restuarants to. Not sure on train journey though, as i took the car.
  7. Dont put a statement like this unless you know the true facts about people, who contribute to the the positive and negative comments. I have tried to help in the community to fight the crime, reporting to the police on observations that go on around the neighbourhood, its a pity others dont do the same, the recent break in to my property, the 2 youths were observed by a number of people (fact, passer bys observed on CCTV, but no reports,,,comments made to the police 'yes did see 2 youths on moped no helmets, hoodies, gloves on riding up and down the road - thought they were upto no good, but didint report it'. I stood up to 2 youths who were harrassing 2 young girls walking home past my house, the 2 in question were driving a car both high as a kite on some smoking substance, and what did i get...assaulted by one of them...., so negative comments are not there just to put people down, but are there to put some perspective on the thread.
  8. Could not agree more, pity half the parents in this country dont give a damn though isnt it.
  9. You can not expect to put a thread in the forum like :- And not expect some contradictory comments I have travelled around a bit, and for personal reason have settled in Sheffield, however, it is only here that I have experienced the level of crime that does not make me feel that i agree with the opening statement to this thread. Needless to say Sheffield is like any other major city, and they all have their good points and bad points, and high crime rates. - This comment is not lead to believe that everyone in Sheffield is 'tarred with the same brush' and yes have also experienced some good people here too.
  10. Ive lived in Sheffield 7 years, had my car broken into 5 times, my sons car stolen, my garage broken into twice and house broken into once, recently....yeah this is a good city...not.
  11. If a child carries out any wilful damage or is involved in any crime, then it should be the parents that are held to question and should be brought to answer why their child has carried out such an act, and if damage has been caused then they should foot the bill. Too many parents do not care what their 'little angels' get up to whilst they are out of sight of them. If the government brought in legislation that put onus on the parents to be held liable for their offspring’s actions, I’m sure there would be a few families out there that would be changing their attitude on how they control their children. - I’m not talking on the majority, and i have had 3 boys of my own so do know about bringing them up, and would few totally responsible if any of them stepped out of line in the eyes of the law; but when you see some of the antics of some of the younger generation in the news, i never understand why the parents are not brought into the forefront and named and shamed.
  12. Police came round again today, took away CD & DVD copies of the CCTV, and some photos which i managed to capture from the CCTV footage. Even though they were wearing hoodies and caps, still got some good images of them, so lets hope theres a result and they manage to catch them.
  13. Thank you all for the kind words, materialistic items can be replaced and thankfully thats all what was taken, yes damage to the doors but yet again can be sorted, going to loose % on my house insurance is a downside plus the excess on the insurance. What we are going to find difficult is(which has already been mentioned) the fact that someone has been into the property and could even get in again. We have good locks, CCTV shows it took the ****** 7 boots of the door to get through it, had a decent alarm system (which probably prevented alot more items being taken), and the CCTV, yet they still came in, the thought of even going out and leaving the house and being turned over again will always be there...going to be a quiet easter break i reckon. By the way i have got a sign up regarding CCTV, but seeing the footage and what these knobheads did, they dont have any rights. Following on from a previous link regarding 2 youths on a moped robbing a learner driver, it was definetly a red moped that they were riding when they robbed me.
  14. Nice to get the call whilst at work by the police that your house has been broken into, that’s what i got at midday today. Got home to find said police outside my house, my back door had been kicked in, brick through the patio window and TV gone (guess the alarm kept them from having more time to grab anything else). I have TV images of the 2 delinquents on a moped. huddies and caps pulled up but can still see their faces, riding past the house a couple of times, riding up the drive and then getting in the house. This all happened on Greenwood Road on the Littledale estate, total of about 20 mins coverage of their activities. Worrying think is, also have CCTV coverage of a audi estate car drive slowly and pulling up outside the house, clocking the house about 50 mins before it happened, coincidence?. Images and info given to the police... reason for posting on here, well for others to keep an eye out, if delinquents are on mopeds, no helmets and faces hidden, doubt they are out on a sightseeing excursion, report it, because one day it might be your house that’s clocked and robbed.
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