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  1. It doesn't go too bad matey. I too am older and balder, but I'm all clean living, gymming, holidaying and I don't mention the charity work. I hope everything is going toptastically for you and yours, we'll have to have a bit of an informal get together with j before long, I'll be in touch when I get back from my next holiday...
  2. Sorry Robbie, hope you're fit and well matey. If it makes you feel better I can't believe I'd forgotten DonKiddick and Bartfast either. They'll be others.
  3. Owdlad(rip) Viking(rip) Redrobbo(rip) Phan Jblaze Andy Joe Kristian Meaks Kirky Depoix Muddycoffee Knigthawk Msbehavin RubyDazzler Shiesh Strix Hels SHsheff EClaire Medusa Plaintalker To20 Slimsid2000 Rich This is a list off of the top of my head of people that I remember, interacted with, met, were prolific posters. There are definitely others and if anyone that I've forgotten remembers me, hello.
  4. Eyup. I joined the forum in 2004, it was a great place and resource back then. It's not very often I pop back in and I never log in, but today I was surprised when I idly clicked on 'today's posts' and there was someone asking me a question about a post from nine and a half years ago, so I logged in, answered the question and then wondered who was still around...
  5. A long time? It's been 9 and a half years since that post! You can't expect people to still be around after all that time; It's purely by chance that I saw this post, it's not very often I even read this forum, I don't post on here and never log in, so how weird is that? Anyhoo, what would you like to know? I still have motorcycles, but I don't have that particular one, it went to someone in Cardiff about 7 years ago.
  6. Have you tried 'Ask Wookie' on the forum that shall not be mentioned?
  7. SHarper emerges from the shadows to wish Meaks:- Hippy Barfday matey
  8. In the 1908 London Olympics, Britain won all three medals in the Polo (Roehampton and Hurlington came first and second, Ireland, then still part of Great Britain came third.). At the same games all the Tug-of-war medallists were British Police teams.The London police taking gold, Liverpool police taking silver and the Met police getting bronze. The USA accused them of cheating 'cos they had spiked boots, so the British offered a re-match in their socks and still won. This is more QI than University challenge. Good luck Sheffield...
  9. Yes, as far as I know this information is correct, but that is all I know, Wookie asked the same question some time ago and it turned out his mum used to live behind it... You ought to pop back for a visit...
  10. What you need to do is 'Ask Wookie'. I believe it is the remains of 'Mulligans Mansion'. Originally the home of a rag and bone man and his family. It was converted to flats, had some scruffy families living there and then demolished sometime in the sixties.
  11. 'Crossroads', not the TV series with Meg Mortimer and Amy Turtle, nor the film starring Britney, it stars Ralph Macchio of karate kid fame. The ending is great and features a guitar duel between Macchio and Steve Vai. The ends here if you want to watch it...
  12. Cheers for that matey. Looks like you're the only one who remembers me
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