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  1. About 5' 6", black hair and a shrill voice ... I keep trying to lose her but she finds her way back soon enough
  2. A sad loss to Sheffield. Never met in person but remember some splendid banter on here - A real gent and evidently very much respected.
  3. It's far easier to feel superior to those lower down the ladder than it is to get angry at those further up and feel powerless.
  4. Gotta be lower than a snake's todger to steal from the emergency services. With any luck the gear they buy will be cut with arse tumours.
  5. The EDL and the UAF are cheeks of the same arse as far as I'm concerned. If they were really serious about their pet topics then they can both meet on opposing sides of some moorland, somewhere nice and remote, and proceed to batter the living bejesus out of each other ..... Well out of sight and earshot of decent folk who want nothing to do with them or their crackpot views.
  6. My wife was in labour for 4 days and as a consequence was on 4 different wards of Jessops.When our boy was finally born and the opportunity arose between feeds, I went round with a big box of biscuits to each ward to thank them for their faultless care of my wife and their safe ushering in of our boy. These wonderful people did it not because they need to earn a few quid and it's the easiest way, but because it's a vocation. They are so wildly passionate and dedicated to their role that it shames other professions. Let them have the occasional biccie because whilst the government crap all over them, extremely grateful Fathers want them to know how much they are appreciated.
  7. Next time go and see SY Auto diagnostics behind Swann Morton's building ..... Far better in my experience.
  8. Wouldn't be the local dealer letting the bag heads know that the gear has landed?
  9. £45 for a family of 3. We plan meals, waste nothing and only ever buy what we need.
  10. Ruby's in Hillsborough. Used to be my ritual after coming off a set of nights. Shower, full English, kip for 5 hours
  11. Erection of Cottages Act? Didn't George Michael get charged under this?
  12. Moral guidance is a parental responsibility imo, but surely it doesn't matter who the messenger is, only the message?
  13. Look, what happened whilst you were a child is not your fault. You should never feel that it is your fault and you should never be made to feel like it is. Now, the problem is that that stuff will affect you regardless ... Whilst it may not feel like your current therapy isn't working, keep at it. Don't suffer in silence but don't let history stop your future.
  14. Looking forward to going there if I'm honest. Probably far more use to me than the Co-Op.
  15. I've had stuff like this in the past. Proper bacofoil millinery territory.
  16. I went through the breakdown of services I use and I suspect that I actually use a quarter of what I pay for. The rest of it is an insurance policy which I have no choice but to pay. It's a veritable bukkake party using my reluctantly parted with cash as a form of ejaculate - Let's build a gypsy support centre. Oh wait, they have.
  17. What folk should actually think about is: What behaviour is acceptable? I don't care if you're asian, white, black or what ever but if you conduct yourself in a reasonable manner and in a decent way then you're fine by me. If you decide to act the goat then you take your chances. If you get a slap then so be it.
  18. Quite simply no. In exactly the same way that Hinduism, Christianity, Scientology or any other baseless cult do not benefit humanity in any way other than to give false hope to the weak minded. When you need an ancient text to tell you to act decently towards your fellow man you're in trouble because you should be doing that sort of thing naturally.
  19. This question is wrong. Parents should teach children manners but I can't see it happening any time soon. I was in a supermarket today and I witnessed a mother bellowing at her child and telling them in no uncertain terms what fate would befall them if they "Didn't stop waving they fookin biscuits about". People should actually take responsibility for their offspring rather than laying the blame at the door of child minders or teachers. You cannot sub contract the responsibility for your child. Your filthy rutting spawned the wee mite so you need to step up and actually raise your child like a reasonable and decent human rather than a foul and socially retarded troglodyte,
  20. Has anyone wondered why the necessity for prison places has gone down? It's not a reduction in crime that's a fact. Could it be that the judiciary are being directed to dispense more community orders to alleviate the strain on the prison estate but transferring that burden on to the probation service which are also being demonised by the government? Has anyone else asked themselves why these new prison contracts are being given to firms who have historically performed poorly in the delivery of government contacts? I think that you'll also find that the POA represent private and public sector prison staff alike, it's just that the union is opposed to privatisation for obvious reasons.
  21. Nah - Just pointing out the dichotomy between actually learning and having time off to worship iron age idols.
  22. Maybe if folk kept their quaint ideas at home then they could get on with actually learning rather than kowtowing to the magic man in the sky? This applies to all of the sky pixieists - They all worship the same fictional character, just in different ways .... Why should productivity suffer for superstition?
  23. My critique is more of the thread rather than you personally, however, the costs of keeping a prisoner in custody are myriad. Adequate physical security measures, appropriate staffing levels, healthcare, food, heating, provision of workplace, providing associated requisites. Whilst the courts entrust an individual to custody, there are certain pre-requisites which law demands that the state provides. If I remember correctly, the figure of 38k pertained to young offenders (ie 18 - 21's) and a lower figure of 32k applies to adults.
  24. I'm just well informed on criminal justice is all. I can wax lyrical on a number of subjects should the mood take me.
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