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  1. i know it's an open discussion forum, and yes people have got the right to say what they want but when its getting to peoples beliefs then thats a different story.... like i have explained!!! i can handle the heat so i think i'll stay in this kitchen THANX
  2. not all people believe in ouija boards that they can do whatever people are saying and thats me for a start.... i personally just dont like them!!! just because i dont believe in using ouija boards doesnt mean i go on about people using it but i do believe in ghosts, i have had my own experiances so yes i can say this... but if you have never had an experience in anything like that then i dont see how you can go on about other peoples beliefs???
  3. totally agree my little girl was the same my husbands nan died before me and him got together ( she is only 6 and ive been with my husband 18 years) she used to say nan mary is in my bedroom or nan been sat on my bed.... to her it was a bit scary now she is used to it. but yes i do agree it does give you great comfort :)
  4. a ouija board is a piece of board e.t.c that has letters and numbers on and 'yes' 'no' hello' 'goodbye' it is used to contact the other side it is thought that spirits move the glass or a planchette (heart shaped piece of wood that moves over the top of the letters) over the letters to tell people a message or something the ouija board first started out as a chineese board game untill people started noticing weird happenings but if not used in the right way can summon up something that will stay in your home or werever you have done it untill the board is closed properly I take it you are some kind of ouija board expert?????
  5. night vision cameras (which explains itself), digital recorders which is used to pick up noises that the human ear cant hear, emf meters (electro magnetic field) these pick up on any type of electrical field like e.g an electric fuse box in your house e.t.c. thats why we turn all electric off in the house so that we have got to try n find another reason that it has lit up, beam barrier breakers which is 2 little boxes that u place e.g at the each side of a door facing each other and when they are set will go off if anything passes through e.t.c
  6. hi, no its nothing like that at all. we are people interested in the unknown. we have equipment that helps us do what we do. most noises can be explained and thats what we do go in to de-bunk things
  7. ye i do thankyou and i also know people that have played or done the ouija board befor and are now living to regret it. ok maybe you dont have to be well trained in the paranormal but knowing things about it does help to close it if there has been a problem... trust me i know through what i do!!!
  8. its just like anything really.... like i said earlier people believe in god but they havnt seen him! and its only until something happens that you start to believe!!!
  9. well said. people do ouija boards in a safe environment and are well trained on the paranormal. but its the people who mess with them for fun that suffer
  10. lovely thanx.. my husband works round that area he drives minibuses for sct (sheffield community transport) lol
  11. exactly my thoughts.... just puts me about, just the thought scares me!!!
  12. what the hell are you on??????? i said i had never done one before and as for writing like a teenager whats that supposed to mean? how old do u think i am?? im not 40,50 or even 60 year old. if you dont like the post move on to something you do like
  13. that will be really nice for you. you sound like a really nice genuine person and with the kids moving in soon who knows what more it will stir up. if you pm me the name of your road i can have a look what i can find for you if you want
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