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  1. rottenmonkey

    Samsung Galaxy Europa

    Check its android version. Menu, settings, about phone. should be 2.1 and i dont think thwre is no update for these. If you sync your contacts and everything with googlemail then do a factory reset. Restart and sign back in to google. You will get all your contacts back. it should be all ok now. My guess is that something you installed off market didnt like your phone.
  2. rottenmonkey

    Android Development

    Myself i also use thr sdk but really fot modifying apks, roms ect. nothing in the way of starting from scratch. I cant see it being too dificulflt though.
  3. rottenmonkey

    HTC Desire HD vs Iphone 4

    True standard outa the box the desire hd wins hands down. That is until you root it. Then the balance shifts im affraid. As the desire has been available well before the hd there has been far more progression on android development than the hd. Dont get me wrong im not slating the hd at all it is a cracking handset. If rooting aint your thing then yes your right but if like me getting the best out of the handset the desire wins for me. Also another cheaper alternative to the desire hd. Htc hd2. Far more powerful when played with
  4. rottenmonkey

    Htc or nokia, which to choose

    If its a cheap android handset your after go for the htc hero. Cracking phone with lots of roms available for it. Its alot better than the wildfire.
  5. rottenmonkey

    HTC Desire HD vs Iphone 4

    Yes most android handsets have expandable mem. Iphones are either 8 16 or 32.
  6. rottenmonkey

    HTC Desire HD vs Iphone 4

    Dont touch iphone. Unless your jailbreaking it theyre ****. Apple are robbing gets. Android is far better with it being open source. Open to other developers. More modifications,
  7. rottenmonkey

    HTC Desire HD vs Iphone 4

    Galaxy s. Simular to nexus s desire the origional and in my opinion the best android phone the htc nexus 1 Moto droid
  8. rottenmonkey

    HTC Desire HD vs Iphone 4

    Desire hd is big. Thats htcs thing though. Having a big screen on these hd handsets. Samungs amoled screens are amazing but screen burn has been known. I agree wi emartin. Have you had a look at the nexus s. Bloody good phones
  9. rottenmonkey

    Android. Updates, tips, general banter thread

    search market for go launcher ex. came accross this the other day. quite a nice little home alternative this. it also alows to group apps like iphone does. nice feature.
  10. rottenmonkey

    Android. Updates, tips, general banter thread

    see i differ from you 2. im a launcher pro user. not standard by any means. i have custom dock icons aswell as desktop visulaizer to resize and make custom program widgets for my home screen. facebook twitter for eg. widget locker to add widgets to the lockscreen and i also use setcpu. probably because im used to it. if its not broke dont fix it hahaha anywebsite that honeycomb rom was pants lol great boot screens but too unusable on a small screen.
  11. rottenmonkey

    Iphone 4 screen cracked

    most lil phone shops should have a go. if its just the outa glass it should be cheap so be careful they dont try and rob ya. alternativly apple will do it but they will rob ya lol
  12. rottenmonkey

    Htc or nokia, which to choose

    Nokia x6 if its boxed and in mint condition. Swap that again like previous poster said for a hero or somat along then lines. The other 2 handsets you said are ****e
  13. rottenmonkey

    Android. Updates, tips, general banter thread

    Yes i know this but i like to play lol ive seen it on nexus one on you tube and stumbled upon it on xda for the s. No network coverage yet on it or sound i think it said.
  14. rottenmonkey

    Android. Updates, tips, general banter thread

    Im now running cyanogen mod 7 on both my galaxy s and nexus s on android 2.3.2 Im also running the speedmod kernal on the galaxy s with it overclocked. Very fast and amazing battery life. Just a few bugs but it is in beta stage so cant complain. Apps to sd is good but anyone wanting to do this wether its by clockwork mod like i do by partitioning the sd or by the os itself, froyo for instance make sure you have a good sd card and not some cheap ass chinese crap. Also dont put your everyday widgets u use on sd such as clocks and stuff. Gona try this new honeycomb rom on my nexus today so il post what thats like
  15. rottenmonkey

    Htc or nokia, which to choose

    you do get them on here

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