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  1. ahaha Choogling you should have asked him about that skinny 17yr old who stood up to him when he called him a liar.He wasnt particularly tall more like stocky but built like a brick outhouse him and his mate Max a builder used to throw the oxygen bottles to each other when i worked for him at Meersbrook Garage in 1959.I told him to do one but not politely when he called me that and told him to stuff his job ,took my ovvies off strapped my tool box on my motorbike and as i started to go he came running up to me full of apologies ,too late mate get lost.Many years later when we had given him the NSU dealership he sent a minnion to poach me with a then big wage offer i will leave you to guess what i said to the fella,a few days later Jan came walking down the yard so i collard him and had a few choice words for him telling never to come near me if he valued his dealership because a word to my boss and he most certainly would have.I believe he went to Spain with his friend Toni Dalli the singer,there was a rumour he had opened a wine bar with Sean Connery but thats as much as i know.Was he still wearing that brown pinstripe suit when you knew him ?
  2. H Waters and sons Greenland rd Harry was my step Grandfather
  3. AWJD go down to SMC motorcycles in the Wicker and ask for Nigel he was a Park Patrol man he will tell you ,he may flog you a bike as well ahaahaha
  4. Come on then Minimarsh give us your tale of all this intrigue
  5. I remember him having Millhouse garage choogling,Jan could be alright at times but when he was in a bad mood he was a prat.His mate at Meersbrook was Toni Dalli the singer and he came in regular. Last i heard of him he was in Spain,he also owned Continental Car Spares on Abbeydale rd ansd Steve Kay ran it for him before going on to form Kirkby and Kay at Orgreave before Steve went on his own as Sheffield Imported Motor Factors.I worked at Meersbrook in 1958 but only for a few months but i got to know a lot about bodywork and painting and rubbing down.
  6. Peter the pipe Grayson yes i remember him well,he made a big mistake working for Jan Padzierski probably the reason he left and went on his own.Jan sacked me when i was 17 because he called me a liar saying i had broken a bolt in a water pump and i stood up to him and he didnt like a 17 yr old kid standing up to a 17stone wrestler,i put my tools on the motorbike and he ran after me saying he was sorry yeh tough and i went.Years later when Walter Dungworth gave him a dealership in NSUs he sent one of his minions to poach me and i sent him packing.A couple of weeks later Jan was walking down the yard I was a fair bit older then and no longer a little boy and i collared him and told him straight that if he ever tried it on with anyone there i would make sure his dealership would be blowing in the wind.Took me a long time but revenge was sweet.
  7. Hi Jodencroft.Tom Stones is still around although not in the best of health Peter Lockwood died a few years ago.Sandygate Motors was owned by J J Dysons for those who didnt know.
  8. I would rather depart this world with Micheal Fogg than any of these big concerns with Micheal its a personal touch not a business to conduct on a conveyor belt.Yes it all ends with the same result but why should these who have suffered from the loss of a loved one be told what they can and can not do regarding a few trinkets which give them some comfort by some faceless people who are answering to shareholders,one day it will be their turn.
  9. Sorry Choogling senior moment it was Harold Askey. When i was up there the wagons were all O and A model bedfords and a couple of ex army square fronted ones There was a petrol kiosk on the forecourt where they sold bits and pieces from and it was a red ash covering on the ground.You may have known my mate Tony whose mum and dad had the transport cafe across the road a bit higher up,he fell off the back of a wagon and broke his leg big style and it finishes his driving.
  10. Hi Choogling,i used to know old Harold Askey when he used to serve on the pumps there sometimes i was only 17 then and he always said good Morning to me and i would reply saying morning Mr Askey he used to have a brown smock coat on.There fleet was all Bedfords then and we used to share tools etc like i used to cut valves on their cutter and they would use our gear as well.Alan was only young as well then.I got to know a lot of them who worked there alas most are gone now.Arundel Garage was founded by Mr Arundel who i think lived down Broughton Rd he used to bring an od Rover to me in the 70s for MOT.
  11. Waldot Service station was owned by Walter and Dorothy Dungworth who started their business from premises behind Jack Dysons motorbike shop on Middlewood Rd later they bought land Higher up and Established Waldot Service Station which sold Fina petrol and oils also carried out car servicing and repairs later expanding the business into car sales taking on the Rootes group Vehicles Hillman etc.A while later taking VW ,NSU Wartberg and Reliant,VW and NSU being the most profitable enabling them to open Europa Cars further down Middlewood Rd.A couple of years later opening Europa 2 at the old Attercliffe Palace after Brook Shaw commercials had vacated it.This was a commercial mistake so they took on Ripon Bros old place at the top off Ecclesall rd a block of private flats are there now,they were there a few years until they had sourced the Mercedes dealership for Sheffield and had a new Showroom and workshops built in the German Style.Whilst there Alan Urquarts Auto electrical business was acquired and Europa Carriage Company was set up on Hoyle street.The businesses were very successful until personal affairs forced them to sell the companies to a London concern and they took no further involvement.Walter Dungworth died in 2005 and Dorothy in 2016 aged 80 and 92 respectively I kept in touch with both of them until their deaths.Hope this has helped.
  12. they are removing these york stone flagstones only for them to disappear into the pockets of god knows who because they are now more valuable than cheap tarmac which is an easier way of laying a new pavement and requires for less skill than Amey possess.
  13. Remind me where he worked he was a foreman joiner that i do know and i serviced and MOTd his cars for years.
  14. Chris he worked on Beeley rd dint he ,i knew Harry Pulfrey you all lived on Bickerton rd I knew your dad before you did ahaha.and your mum.Pulfreys had a daughter called Barbara.Your dad had a motorbike and sidecar when i first knew him.
  15. Gabriels was near Redfyre house i went there for my hair cutting in the 60s he was a funny little man he then moved to the Corner of Orchard st and you went down to the basement.
  16. I went to the Lancastrian College on Bowling Green St to study motor engineering in 1957
  17. I knew Chris from 1960 and he worked for Bertram and Illingworhs i will let Young Chris Softley fill you in on his dad.
  18. The man who owned the Handymans shop had a daughter called Morag and she was a hairdresser at Stages at Hoyland Common.
  19. My relative Roy Smith was works manager for Carlisles for many years he like them have sadly now gone
  20. Sorry i dont know what happened to Sydney Carlton but i did used to take his car to his house on a few occasions,i think he would have retired when his shop was demolished and yes it was up near Ecclesall Rd south.I think in those day all the furniture dealers would have interlinked with each other and had meetings at the Synogogue on Wison Rd.Yes he was a friendly and likeable man,i can see him now and its over 45 yrs ago now.
  21. I used to look after Sydney Carltons Jenson Interceptor in the 70s he would come in early mornings wearing his toupee on one side munching digestive biscuits and offering them round he lived at 1 haugh lane then.Dennis Swycher also had a bed shop on Westfield Terrace at that time.
  22. went passed it yesterday its a large block of apartments now.
  23. Harry Waters was my step grandfather,Blagdens ran under the name of Yendor (Rodney) and i used to repair the pneumacyclic gearboxes for PO Middletons when i was at Warringtons Transport where Geoff Hardistey was a regular there.Yes Middletons were on Wensley St a mate of mine was a mechanic there.If your reading this Graham long time no see Mel.
  24. All wild creatures wake up knowing that they have to go looking for there food to keep them alive they cant go and sit comfortably waiting for their latest overpriced meal to be brought to them on a tray, trouble is with people today they have life to easy you should have lived after the war when we all had to forage for food to survive then you may appreciate their plight.I would much rather see pigeons around town than semi feral kids with aerosols buggering the place up.If you dont like the birds simple solution is to eat inside end of.Theres always one idiot who likes to think he is the Terminator with a gun more likely he coudnt hit the sides of a barn if he stood inside it.So creatures have to die just because some pussy doesnt like them just grow some and let life go on.
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