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  1. you should read the rules of the CAA first there are regulations for flying drones and other aircraft.
  2. Thats right Jaffa i forgot about Len etc it was a long time ago. i used to go down after my day job and do some extra work for them at night.I remember one of the daughters lived in the Bungalow on the front near the pumps.
  3. I knew Pam fairly well when she used to work at Debenhams on the Moor around 1982/3 ---------- Post added 10-02-2018 at 11:15 ---------- we knew him as Ginger scholey i think his yard and house were taken over by Cyril Glover for car body repairs. ---------- Post added 10-02-2018 at 11:26 ---------- From 1955 they just did haulage the old man started the coach business but when he died Bill,Albert and Ethel took the firm into haulage,Bill and Albert had been Superintendents for BRS,finally Bill was the Last to go and the son wasnt interested in it and the lot went to auction around 1986 ---------- Post added 10-02-2018 at 11:36 ---------- Greyhound Coaches were owned by a friend of mine Bob Alexander. ---------- Post added 10-02-2018 at 11:42 ---------- Kitsons not only had the coaches and fuel pumps it was also a cafe and lorry drivers doss house dont forget at one time lorries could only travel at 20 or 30 MPH i used to go and look in the cafe as a kid When Regent fuel tankers were parked round the back where Bramalls is now. ---------- Post added 10-02-2018 at 11:45 ---------- Wigmores also had coaches mainly in the Thurcroft Dinnington area,
  4. hahaha this is so funny for me we have a friend in Germany called Volker Pfau and he was educated at Glasgow university and speaks perfect Glaswegian now the name Pfau in German is peacock so to us and his fellow Germans he is always Jimmy Peacock.
  5. Yes Zakes they were at the bottom of the road where i lived,Louis Monfredi was the owner then Steven his son and Marie his daughter who i think John Dimberline married,Graham Pheonix was the service manager in those far of days,Before it was Montys at Oughtibridge it was Joe Quinces Garage,he sold motorbikes and was the agent for Vincents and EMC.
  6. sorry to both of your enquiries but I just don't know,the Registers lived on the Crescent that's all they could have moved later.I cant remember anyone called Waugh.
  7. How could we forget you Fay you forgot to mention Dave Loveday,I am still in touch with Bob Till from car sales.
  8. You need to contact a person whose user name on here is Hillsboro he has access to a vast amount of records and pictures,good luck on your quest.
  9. I knew Brian Hardy very well he also owned a large house above Wyming brook near Redmires which he turned into a hunting lodge but it wasn't successful and I believe he went bust,sadly he died a few years ago.Rex Garages were part of the Rex fire prevention business on Harvest Lane.
  10. Zakes as i remember John Dimberline was Louis Monfredis Son In Law ,he ran the offshoot of Montys Winchester Motors at the Bottom of Herries Rd near the Wednesday ground,He unfortunately died from a heamorage whilst on the toilet as far as i know.He wasnt very old when he passed away.
  11. Fleetwood its made by Webber and Harrison and they were in Croydon now they are based in Weymouth but still going. ---------- Post added 15-12-2017 at 14:19 ---------- Hillsbro it was originally Bert Beeches Cycle shop. ---------- Post added 15-12-2017 at 14:23 ---------- Mossdog, Steve Spooner the son and Grandson is on Facebook and if i remember Thomas's was were Graingers went to after Thomas's moved to the corner shop.Steve is a facebook friend of mine and i speak nearly everyday to him,ime sure he would be pleased to give you any info you require about the shop,He is more prolific on Mike Carvers Sheffield Hearts and Roots site.Mike died last year and came from Carlton road before heading south but the site is one of the best on FB for expats and that means anyone who doesnt live in Sheffield now but its not tight at that there is a bit of slack. ---------- Post added 15-12-2017 at 14:32 ---------- arrodbo Oates was a step back in time,two brothers who appeared a little strange but knew their stuff,i think Ma Oates owned a bit of property she rented out in Hillsborough.
  12. I got all my solid oak handcarved furniture from Harry Slack in the early 70s and still have it all,i was friends with Harry and his wife and Stuart and North their daughter,they lived up Stannington and Harry was a very fair man to deal with,i had carpets and curtains from them as well he helped me a lot in those days.
  13. In the 1940s i had scarlet fever from playing around grates and finished up spending time in Lodge Moor hospital.Parents were not allowed any contact with their children and had to view them through a glass window,also the children were given a number which was printed in a column in the Star newspaper as to their condition so people could see if they were improving.
  14. Thanks ive been trying to think of the name of that shop for years i was beginning to think it was a dream i had as no one knew of it. ---------- Post added 20-09-2017 at 07:44 ---------- He played for Sheffield Wednesday
  15. David Bee,ahaha great tale that.ime still riding my Harley and my BMW R1100s but it does get harder every time ime out on them i was thinking of painting a target on my back.Nice to know your fit and well but our glory days are behind us now and at least we have plenty to look back on unlike a lot of the young ones today,no characters for them to remember.A bit of sad news for you Malcolm Hooley died a few weeks ago,there was a lot at his funeral and all the old musicians turned up including John Firminger and Dave Berry he had a good send off.Thanks for the invite i may take you up on that,you could regret it ahaha lack of sleep reminiscing comes to mind.oops before i forgot Walt Dungworths wife Dot passed away last year aged 92 i was with her a couple of days before she went.Nice chatting to you keep in touch Mel PS Garry Marshman has also gone.sad times.
  16. Hi David Bee are you still with us riding your Gold thing or have the advancing years took there toll on your activities be nice to hear from you again, Mel.
  17. Better tell them to remove the disabled bay as well then as this is opposite the double white lines.
  18. sorry to have to say it but i learned a lesson from trying to seek old friends out,theres a saying never go back well guess thats right in my case.
  19. you are right Crosser it was Richardsons they also had a place at intake.
  20. Sandygate Motors was owned by J J Dyson refactories of Storrs Tom Stone was the Director and they were British Leyland Dealers later Peter Lockwood was Service Manager. ---------- Post added 16-06-2017 at 19:02 ---------- Meersbrook Garage were also Lloyd and Borgward dealers
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