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  1. Cuban heel i used to work with Ian Headford in the 60s.I sold him a Peel Mountain Mile fairing for that bike.
  2. Charlie took over from Horridges.Frank Smith was on the other side of the road.
  3. I spent a small fortune at Horridge and porridges in the 60s
  4. The same Westons used to dabble in cars and motorbikes in the fifties
  5. I have just checked this out and all the information is on Google so i you want to know check it out.
  6. If you were female and worked at the Royal and half decent looking in 1970-4 then you would certainly have got a wolf whistle from the lads at Brakesafe on the corner of Westfield terrace and West St,I used to go out with a girl on the switch board Linda M.
  7. We used to get bags of sawdust from there in 1957 vans full of it to soak oil up from the garage floor and pits,Kelham Island including Green Lane works is now being converted into apartments and housing also restaurants and bars.its become the place to live for young people.
  8. My mother took me for my hair cut there in 1945 and they cut all my curls off she went crazy and they didnt come back until i was a teenager and yes ive still got them at 76 not the same colour now though.
  9. 51 bonnie I hope you have some success with it.
  10. Karl Donitz the U Boat admiral and Fuhrer and the end of WW2 was kept there for a short time after WW1 and it is reported that he planned the future Wolf Pack raids while he was there.
  11. 61 bonnie yes they were,i also had a 61 Trophy 91 AWB and its still around ---------- Post added 08-11-2018 at 09:26 ---------- 61bonnie yes they were Triumphs I also had a 61 Trophy 91 AWB which was registered on 31 December 1961.
  12. 61 bonnie two of my friends had 971 and 972 AWA in 1961 both from Wraggs i dont know if this is any help.
  13. Terry Dooley was a customer of mine and had the Hallamshire Hotel on West st in the 70s at one time he and his wife Ann lived on Hammerton Rd last i heard of Terry he was living around Dorothy Rd area my late friend Barry ibbotsons dad i think was Vic he also had a sister whose name i forget but when the cottage was pulled down they moved on to Dunella Rd.Barry became very wealthy and lived at Sugworth hall but both him and his wife Pauline has passed away.
  14. Billy Levers owned the Montessa his dog a big Chow used to sit outside.
  15. the shop opposite Greaves st was owned by Joe Quince from Oughtibridge Jack did have the shop where i mentioned he sold ex military bikes which were worth very little then,i knew Jack for years.Yes it was the Squirrel then and the Smugglers was opposite Dysons shop.I think the name was changed from the Squirrel to Broncos later.
  16. Hi Len are you any relation to Beryl Lunn who lived on Ashley Grove off Lodge Lane.
  17. before it was the cafe it was Fred Erics the tailor and after that it was Jack Dysons motorbike shop then the cafe.Thats in the 50s
  18. Neckarski it was the Continental Cafe 137-141 Middlewood road.
  19. topcater,his name was Wilf Lyons he was a customer of mine a really nice man who lived at Rutland Park opposite the Botanical Gardens.
  20. I remember D.C.Cooks on London Rd just higher up from Ropers selling Hondas and a shop up Abbeydale Rd past Broadfield rd selling Harleys in the 70s.
  21. It was where the Aven works is now in the war they made ammo and sten guns and other ordnance.Hemswell was once commanded by Guy Gibson In the cold war it held a very large stock of Hydrogen bombs.
  22. I first started riding bikes in 1958 and never stopped ime 76 now and ride a BMW R1100s a 1450 Harley softail and a 40yr old BMW R80,these days its fine weather only but i dont hang around,me and my wife go to Sherburn and to Willingham Woods,In the 60s we used to go to the Disc Jockey opposite the Locarno and the Flamingo opposite Wif Greens on Abbeydale Rd where i made a lot of friends and some are still around today not on bikes though.Yes went to the Coronation as well and the Squirrel and Smugglers in Hillsboro nowadays its down to SMC in the Wicker to chat to my friends in the shop and have a coffee with the lads outside.Gone are the days when we would ride like loonies between the tramlines down the Moor and Abbeydale Rd up to the Fleur De Lys at totley to watch Ray Stewart etc have a couple of bevies and back to the Mingo for a frothy coffee and a laugh who did what coming back but there were times of sadness when some of us didnt make it.We had some happy times then its not the same now but time changes everything as the saying goes but i wouldnt change anything i have done on bikes i made some good friends and met some fantastic people especially in the 22 times i went to the TT from 1961 wouldnt have missed it for the world.oops forgot to mention i lived on Shirecliffe in the 60s then emigrated to Hillsboro and now meandered to Wickersley where the Harley on open pipes wakes the dead of the village,still a Rocker to the end.
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