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  1. Hi Mr Hinchliff,a sad note here ,does your dad know Gary is no longer with us,he had a massive heart attack last year.I used to see a lot of him.Please remember me to you dad he will know me for having the cleanest Triumph in the club.I still see Dennis Dawson he is still in the owners club and still has a few bikes.
  2. Hi carosio Yeh my dad used to be in the home guard up there and he used to man the guns and we played up there when we were kids,it was very scary on really foggy saturday mornings no one around no noise very erie.There we some drawings on the wall and in the huts.
  3. Does anyone remember Margaret Askew she worked in the office and lived on Southey Green Rd.
  4. My mother worked at Gordon tool for twentyfive years her name was Lily Lunn and yes she was a buffer.Every night she would come home dirty tired and bits of rag wrapped around her fingers but she loved it the friendship,the heartbreaks,the highs and lows the bloody hard work, dont forget a sheffield dozen was thirteen,one for the gaffer at something like two pence a dozen. She retired at 60 and died at 61 nothing more in her life to live for she would have worked forever if she could.I remember her boss Mr Gibson (gibbo),one xmas in 1961 we turned a car over at castleton and some people took us to the Idle Hours restaurant at Hope and this man said he could take us to Sheffield,when we driving he said he worked at gordon tools and I said my mother did and he asked her name he was gobsmacked and he took us to our frontdoor I asked him in but he said no,I found out later he was afraid of my mother they were always rowing at work. Does anyone remember Ernie Walker ,he raced sidecars and Gordons sponsored him he was an engineer there.
  5. The Magnet used to be a good pub, when I was a kid there used to be a tossing ring on a sunday and the spivs would pay some of the young lads to look out for the coppers and if one was around everyone would scarper like double quick.It was a pub for older people no disrespect to anyone where the young ones wernt bawlin and shouting,thats when Ted Catlin had it, he used to play for Wednesday.He retired and the looneys took over and the police were always too busy,ugh. whats new.When we were young Southey club would run a trip to Cleethorpes for the day,the only holiday most of us got .apple orange bag of crisps bottle of pop great we all wanted a pee after five miles and a ticket for fish and chips when we got there.We were supposed to queue up yerv never seen as many feights in yer life. My mother was always a steward so ide swop tickets so I wernt on her coach its marvelleous I always came home with more bruises than I went with!!The coaches lined up from the Magnet right down to the White horse, not anymore,have we all gone mad in this world today full of PC.
  6. The site where Maplins stand was originally built as a variety theatre where all the top music hall stars of the day performed and the large houses below was were most of them stayed.The person who built it was a man called Mr Phenix, no this is not missed spelt he named it Pheonix. when the audiences dropped it became a cinema and it closed in the sixties.It then became a garage owned by Mr Walker of Langsett Ave and was run by my friend Ralph.After many years Warings the builders of Hawksley Ave used it for there business.It then became a car dealership owned by Gregory and Dench. After a while it closed and re opened as another petrol station and M O T centre owned by a guy called Richard again it closed and metormophised as Maplins.So there you are in a nutshell.Ok You asked for it!!!!!!!!!
  7. Langsett Industries was the name of the company that made Sheffield Langsett Cycles and I believe they were made in the Globe works on Penistone Rd they also made stainless sinks and other products.their bikes were excellent quality.I spent hours in Arthur Cawdrens shop I think in his last years he lived on the Langsett estate.Bert beech was something of an excentric always humming the same tune when you went in his shop,he had all foreign coins nailed to the counter.Sadly he committed suicide in his shop at the top of Catch Bar Lane.
  8. I worked for Tugbies at the top of Longley Ave West in 1955-7 my round was mornings L.A.W.,Musgrave Cres,Musgrave Drive top half Musgrave Rd.Evenings were the same plus Miles Rd and Musgrave place,Sundays were L.A.W,Crumpsall Rd and drive and half of bottom Musgrave Rd,so if any one out there forgot my Christmas tips please get in touch.Mr and Mrs Tugby were brilliant with methey would always save me doubles as they knew Ihad bought a bike from Wiggys that i couldnt afford.Basic pay was 13s 1d a week but I could make a lot more. The business passsed to there daughter and son -inlaw Alec & Dot Quayle.Sadly they recently died and are buried near where I live in Rotherham.
  9. Hi Beechnut Leather and simpsons were one of the better Sheffield dealers,it was Harry (fred) Simpson who died in 92 Eric Leather also owned Leacroft Garages on Penistone Rd at Wadsley Bridge and I believe retired to the Isle of Man never playing a large part in l-s business.David was his son who ran the business until its end and is still around locally,the mechanic was the relative.They had a sales man in the sixties who left to run Loxley post office and general store.
  10. Hi euclid Ill take it you were (are a diggerdriver) Charlie Freeman also had another shop on Infirmary Rd in Sheffield in the sixties formerly Victor Parrs car dealership.
  11. Hi Garyb I knew Charlie well and Maynard,he used to work for horridge and Porridges before charlie and went to work for his relative at sheepbridge that is after founding Dronfield motorcycles.Sadly he is no longer with us.Ted Boyce use to work for chas,George Pollard at Dinnington has Charlies crashhat and goggles and gloves on his workshop wall and a mate of mine has his outfit engine in his road going manx,you probably know him.I remember billy he owned Eckington fuels he was killed I think riding a Paton.
  12. Hi Nimrod Yes Barry Dungworth is still around and living in Wadsley,but it wasnt Grays who displayed Coopers bikes it was Wraggs on Shalesmoor who were his sponsors.Alf Parker sold Piatti scooters,emigrated to Australia,invented a swash plate pump and became very wealthy.Bill Kenyon was a clever man my mate Mick worked for him for years he had a brother called Howard who sold bikes near Leather & Simpsons on Langsett Rd and onRoselle St in Hillsboro.Bill lived on Dixon Rd.
  13. Hi fliketyflic1 I know Kevin Haywood(moggie) he works at Gilders Hillsboro and the house was originally a shop
  14. Hi Simondalli I believe your dad used to live on Albert Rd in Heeley in the late fifties and was a friend of Jan Padzierski who owned the Meersbrook garage and who also went to live in Spain.He used to have his reg no on his car Ithink it was TD2 if my memory still works
  15. Mr Hinchliff are you Alan who was in the Triumph owners club in the sixties and a friend of Gary Slingsby who worked at the Hallamshire rolling mills.I remember the springs very well,we used to have raiding parties when we were kids from Shirecliffe.I once bought a motor bike of one of the Higgins.A lot of Springers live in the Bowness Rd area of Walkley.
  16. Hi Skippy its not me who needs glasses I wrote Terry Bedell,Yeh I new Dave Futter he lived on Musgrave Place just above Dennis Hayward who had D&D tyres at handsworth with Dave Stewart who lived just below you on Shirecliffe Rd,(Eger wallace or king wellow)also lived near you.Anybody remember Janet Rodgers she lived on Boynton,her parents died in an accident,she lived opposite Barry Naylor and near eilleen cunningham well Janet has done very well for herself and is now retired and is married to a Sheffield councillor.I lived over the back of Amoses garden and their sister elsie lived two doors from me at Oughtibridge.Yeh Georgie lill always drove an imaginary bus when he was young,very good on the brakes!! remember his older brother who was in the navy,Iknew Maureen Cottingham.Who remembers Mrs King what would we have done without her,no drainpipe trousers no cut down clothes,God she kept most of us dressed at one time or another.
  17. Hi chiorgirl my aunt had the shop on Weston St opposite Summer St Winnie Thorpe and my cousins are Pat and Sue I used to knock about with Edward Fullbrook whose parents had the shop at the corner of SummerSt and Weston St ,he is a doctor now.
  18. Mr benn I lived on Cloughwood view the house with the grindstones in the gate posts from 69to82 and knew a lot of people,Appleyards,ravens faulkners Charlie Wise at the bottom of Birch house he was a TT rider in his youth.Now some one has stuck a daft conservatory on the garage roof!!!!!!1
  19. Looking for Monika Marsden who used to live on Myers grove lane,she went to Wisewood school and had a sister called Hella also a friend called Val Parkin who lived on Stanwood crescent.
  20. I lived on Crumpsall rd from 1946 to64 and went to Longley juniors and Shirecliffe secondary the teachers were Mr Green(herman the german) sexy Mrs Brennan,Miss may, crafty dean,Langston,Alf & bill Thomas,Mr Craig Mr Smith,miss Woodvine,Mr Molynue(bullet)Valentine,Miss Rose,Staley,Mr Wragg,Wostenholme,Sidall,Ena****.Shirecliffe in those days was brilliant,the meadows was something else we could have taught the S.A.S a thing or two.The muckhills were where all the ash was dumped from the power station,we spent hours digging tunnels in them.Anyone remeber Ivan from the graveyard,one day he scared us all to death hed been asleep in a grave and heard us lot and got out,god yerv never seen us run so fast.Yes,the coke tip ,me and my mother used to push an old barrow down there in all weathers on a Saturday morning to pick cawks,thats when we had winters it took us nearly an hour to walk home and she would be crying with the cold,that was after five twelve hour shifts as a buffer while my dad was in the pub,devonshire or arches.I must know some of you out there,I used to have a two blues Triumph which I used to ride like a looney and hung around with Terry bedell,Dave Cooper,Tommy Powell,Francis Briggs,Ann Storey Rosie Boardman,Maureen Davitt,Johnie Creek.Happy days,sometimes!!
  21. my first bike was a 1953 fanny-barnett bought from Grays in Bridge St.Bought in pounds sold in guinneas.I then built a Triumph a cross between a trophy and a bonneville aptley called a trobon.Shiniest bike in sheffield in the sixties,we used to hang around at the disc jockey on London Rd opposite the Lacarno anyone out there who remembers them both?still riding bikes and knocking on deaths door but he cant face me yet!
  22. it was a co-op and the bell tower is a cupola. after it ceased to trade it became a overhaul manufactures.Ihad the garage opposite for 26 yrs.
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