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  1. MICK BADGER Yes they did that would be Ray Jowle I knew George well and his daughter she worked for Al Wright at Caravan Investments on Middlewood rd,she was a stunner.Ray if he is still with us lives in Cornwall now we took it in turns to drive the six wheel Foden breakdown truck.38MPH up hill and down unless you knocked it out of gear then it would go off the clock after shaking itself to bits.

  2. forgeman,I dont recall the scrapyard but yes Melluish's were there along with George Hobsons coaches and Hattersley and Day fences I think the jam factory was before the war it was possibly damaged with the parachute mines but there were plenty of tub lines behind the garage.


  3. Has anyone any recollections of the Jam Factory behind the Eagle Garage on Bradfield Rd Hillsboro.its official name was the Hillsboro fruit and packaging Company.When i worked at the garage the fruit tub rail lines were still there and Jewel Razor Co used the wells for water to cool their grinding machines.

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