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  1. i cant believe this, i actually worked with colin for three months, he always seemed a layed back guy , but in hindsight there were things, he had two phones and was an obseive texter, i rember he was nervous abt going to poland coz he was thinking it wa very racist
  2. aint there a wellington bomber wreck site nr baslow, so i have heard
  3. We are looking for council exchange from Leeds to Sheffield, we have three bed maison ette in nice area , lookin for similar dylanob07@yahoo.co.uk
  4. i grew up in bakewell , lived in australia twenty yrs , they thought i wa odd coz i called everyone duck lol
  5. DylanOB

    Friendly chat

    The Police soloman hows u m8
  6. i came for a day to sheffield,well that was twenty years ago and im still here,for some reason its turned into home and cant see myself anywhere else ,cud think of worse places
  7. That the one with the grim downstairs tiolets nxt door
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