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  1. Big fan of hers after hearing a few songs and Smile isn't one of the best - Little Things and Alfie are superb. I think you can hear them on her myspace site...whatever that is..sorry, no link.
  2. Cheers mate, you can hear it on the radio 1 website, but I'd love to be able to hear it at will.
  3. Hi, does anyone by any chance have the cover she did of The Kooks' Naive? If you don't know who Lily Allen is, I highly recommend her - kind of pop/ska.
  4. How 'are' has seemed to have usurped 'our'
  5. Current -------------Cech --Neville--Terry--Ferdinand--Cole --Gerrard--Lampard--Carrick--Robben ----------Henry--RVN
  6. ---------------Schmeichel --Neville----Stam--Terry--Pearce --Beckham--Keane--Gerrard--Giggs -----------Henry---Shearer Seaman Ferdinand Ginola Scholes/Vieira RVN/Bergkamp
  7. Ask any Man City fan about David James, and they'll tell you what a fantastic keeper he's been for them. Clearly, you watch little football and are susceptible to media spin.
  8. Nonsense Angelus, why do people keep saying the ref should've allowed the goal and let Lehmann stay on? Even if the referee plays advantage, he is still obliged to go back and deal with the perpetrator of the foul. It should've been a goal and Lehmann should've been sent off.
  9. They really should've killed off nancy instead
  10. Lol i've been told I look a bit like him. Only problem is in the pic I'm smiling, which makes comparison a bit difficult. Hate pics of myself but...... http://img15.imgspot.com/?u=/u/06/129/18/600951147299365.jpg
  11. Yeh, cracks me up sometimes, cus i love a moan..and i'm only 20. That one posh black bloke makes me laugh so much cus of his weird, posh tone. I'd be on moaning about moronic students e.g. saw 1 the other day wearing shorts, t-shirt and a scarf - muppet.
  12. Whilst I'm as disappointed as anyone that McClaren's appointment seems imminent, I think we should give him a fair crack. The main criticism seems to be that he'll only tweak the squad, that he won't make sweeping changes and that his reign is gonna be tainted with predictability. Firstly, we don't know exactly what has gone on behind the scenes. We don't know what his input is towards tactics and player selection. Secondly, I don't think the team/squad is in need of a major overhaul. We have an excellent set of players and tend to do well in major competitions, we just seem to lack something - what that is I don't know. Thirdly, McClaren has shown with Boro that he's tactically flexible and he's willing to give youngsters a good chance. How many other teams in the premiership play with wing-backs like he has done recently? Fourthly, Who's to say that he won't make bold decisions like Allardyce or Scolari? He's already shown a willingness to drop his leading scorer Yakubu because he feels a Vidula and JFH partnership will be more fruitful. This is in a similar vein to Fergie dropping Ruud to accomodate the better all round Saha. Fifthly, who's to say that he doesn't want the job as much as Allardyce? Allardyce is undoubtedly a more forthright manager and his method of application will naturally reflect this
  13. Ok, great. Thanks a lot. Mods - u can close this now, thanks.
  14. A bit of an odd question. I've seen the same doctor about a (minor) problem I've had and was told to have some tests done. The results are ready and i was told by the receptionist that i need to see the doc with these results. Problem is, the doc isn't around til tuesday and things are getting a bit worse, but if i make an appointment with a different doctor will they have the test results to look at with me? Thanks
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