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  1. Could anyone recommend a good architect to help obtain the necessary planning permission, to place large advertising boards on the side of a building i own? thanks
  2. The house was in need of repair and needed modernising (which has been done now). All it requires is magnolia throughout the house (six rooms in total and hall way) , Id be interested in hearing from anyone who might be able to the job in afew weeks, at a reasonable price, thanks
  3. I'm trying to install 4OD on my computer and keep getting the error message: Error 1904.Module C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\Flash9d.ocx failed to register. HRESULT - 2147220473. Contact your support personnel Once this has been displayed the installation cancels. I've got the latest version of flash player, and I've tried googling it but most of the stuff that comes up is quite technical, any ideas? Thanks
  4. Try Xtreme Mobiles outside Castle Market.
  5. I've recently redecorated my house and was wondering if its possible to place my lcd tv above fireplace without the heat 'harming' it in long run? Thanks
  6. Hi All, I need a new broadband connection and am unsure who is the best for customer service and actual broadband. In my area I can get a maximum 4mb, I have a friend who has sky and wondered if they do sky broadband on its own (no tv/phone). Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Just tried to drive down Wath Road and it has been blocked off, lots of police about, anyone know whats happened?
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a Dell Inspiron LCD, as I have cracked mine. I've tried ebay but to no avail, does anyone know where else I can try? Thanks
  9. I absolutely hate Picture Loans adverts - the one where the guy is on the phone and his wife is videoing him. Why would you video your OH getting a loan?
  10. I had something similar happen to me. I rung up BT to get a line reconnected and was told it would be free of charge, but for some bizarre reason was cut off. When I rung up again spoke to someone completely different and they wanted to charge me a connection fee of over a £100. I explained that the previous person I spoke to had said it would be free of charge, but they wouldn't have none of it. So this time I hung up and called again - again speaking to someone different who sorted it all out within 3 days free of charge. So it may always be worthwhile (if you're not getting anywhere with the person you are speaking to) to hang up and call again.
  11. My sky box is similar - although some channels are permanently saying no signal. Its been up approx 3-4 years.
  12. Think before you type. Have you ever thought that the reason they wait outside is because they have come to collect their children. Its like when parents goto school to collect kids, you don't expect them to stand in the classroom do you?
  13. And then they act all innocent by putting a fund together lol
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