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  1. I moved to Now not long ago, and have had a couple of problems with their router. First of all, it appeared to interfere with my TV signal; I had to mess about with the frequency on the router's settings. It seems to have settled down now, but it was a nuisance for a while. This was never an issue with my four previous routers/suppliers. Secondly, I have an Xbox 360 plugged directly into the router, but the connection is unreliable. Sometimes I switch the console on, and the online content appears as it should; but it often fails to connect, and I have to unplug and then plug the cable in again to get the orange 'connection light' (and the content) to appear. Again, this was never a problem with my old routers.
  2. I regularly walk down Little London Road, so much dog mess down there. Someone is bagging it up but then dropping the bags everywhere. There are a couple of alcoves in the buildings where the stuff is building up. I swear some people would still do their business in the street if they could - let's bring back the Bubonic Plague!
  3. I saw a good (bad) one over on Little London Road - a taxi entering the no entry near the Hardy Pick and racing down to, and under, the railway bridge to Chesterfield Rd.
  4. None - but beer and bread don't like me. I had a cheese in France once, so mature it was a stinking puddle. I tried, but I couldn't eat it.
  5. Not the worst special effects as a whole... but the scene in Apocalypto where the panther attacks, and the victim is clearly rolling around with a cuddly toy... ...in a 21st century movie which was touted as being all about authenticity and attention to detail. Really bizarre, reminiscent of Tarzan films from fifty years earlier.
  6. Have same problem occasionally where I am too. I don't subscribe to the idea that once in a while is okay, when what you're doing is affecting other peoples' health. Similarly with noise - being kept up just one night all year is small comfort if you're ill, have an important day ahead next day, or whatever. I remember reading that the particulates from wood fires are particular hazardous, and don't disperse like some people might imagine, instead lingering and settling in nearby homes. Unfortunately the purpose of that article was to give an example of how people stubbornly cling to their lifelong habits.
  7. This thread is fun. The arrows in the left lane say left or straight on. After that, there's never a break in the lane markings before the collision, so cars (like the white) obeying the arrows will *always* have cross those lane markings, 'changing lanes and causing the accident' according to those blaming white. An instructive point in the video that no-one has mentioned: if you pause it after the cars have made contact, there's a brief break in the lane markings towards the bridge. So rather than keeping in it's lane, I would say the dark car has mistakenly hugged the lane markings to it's left instead of staying on the right towards the middle lane (which it previously chose), where the lane markings resume beneath the bridge. Looking at the footage I believe the dark car was trying to turn left, but I can't prove that, and it's not really relevant. His middle lane opens up with the disappearance of the lane division markings to his right but he hugs that dividing line peeling off to the left, leaving the white car blocked and panicking.
  8. Anyone (everyone?) experience an adjustment down the field this week at Sheffield Hallam? My email time no longer matches my website time (now about 10 -12 seconds slower).
  9. I use the alcohol free version of the Corsodyl, but rather than using it as a mouthwash I dip the Tepe brushes in it. It lasts longer that way, and my dentist says my gums are improving. Used as a mouthwash, Corsodyl discoloured my tongue and left an increasingly odd taste in my mouth, possibly from contact with the caffeine in tea.
  10. This old thread needs reviving... I read on the council website we're supposed to approach neighbours whose bonfire is causing a nuisance in an amicable manner before considering any serious action. The thing is, despite having my windows shut (so I guess my windows aren't up to much) today the inside of my flat stinks like burnt plastic, because somebody's burning stuff in the next street. Seems crazy to me that burning stuff in a built up area is allowed - read up on the particulates from wood smoke, you'll see it's no safer than cigarette smoke, particles too small for the body to filter entering the lungs and linked to increased strokes and heart attacks. Lovely to think that someone has filled my home with that stuff
  11. Feel torn about this issue. Was handed a leaflet in the park on Saturday for the campaign to save the trees on Rustings Road, would be a real shame to lose them and I would like to know what practical measures, if any, can be taken to avoid this. I've just completed a short course on Mental Health, during which I learned of the link between urban environments and mental illness, specifically increased chances of psychosis. So to a person saying "forget a stupid bunch of trees, what about real issues like the NHS", I would point to that. I understand why people are concerned about insurance and maintenance costs and health and safety... but you have to wonder what a city would be like to live in were we to always prioritise these things. Surely it would become a sanitised and oppressive place where no-one will want to live. And for how long can Sheffield claim to be one of the greenest cities with an approach of "we've got loads of trees, losing a couple more won't make a difference". On the other side, I don't think hyperbole like 'tree murder' helps a cause. And why did they plant lime trees of all things, with their famously destructive roots, down an inner city road!? On balance I'm inclined to sign the petition, in the hope that the decision will be slowed down and options considered, rather than some corporate company bulldozing through it's agenda without consultation or consideration of alternatives.
  12. Good luck with that. My knees say no to more than 10k, and who am I to argue ---------- Post added 17-06-2014 at 20:04 ---------- Turns out there was a wider problem with a scanner on Saturday at Hallam. The results have been revised and they've suggested anyone suddenly missing from the list get in touch on Facebook or email. So any Sheff Hallam parkrunners here might want to take a look
  13. I suppose I'm asking whether they (parkrun) are interested in feedback if things aren't quite working. Accepted it's not a race, but they *are* going to the trouble of timing and displaying results each week. I thought I'd make myself look like a pedant here, rather than to the organisers, just to see how it went down I was happy with my time, I guess I'll leave it at that
  14. Unless I'm misunderstanding either you or the parkrun setup - which is very possible, I'm not a seasoned runner - there is no chip time at parkrun, only gun time. There's no record of when an individual crosses the start line, so if you start from the back of the field, the time it takes you to reach the start line is simply lumped in to your final time. (I've only run Sheff Hallam, but I presume the system is the same everywhere so that people can drop in to any parkrun)
  15. Some oddities in the order around me in this weeks Sheffield Hallam parkrun results; a phantom VM50-54 in the position ahead of me who definitely wasn't there on the day. Is it worth reporting these things, or is a little mistake here and there accepted as inevitable? I doubt the mistake would impact on my time/position, the VM probably belongs further up the field judging by his times.
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