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  1. I believe I was one of the original members, I tend to read more than post nowadays.
  2. If the OP needs to claim back expenses of an overnight stay through work then a receipt is usually needed for the audit train. Did you book through an agent such as booking.com? If so then you can obtain a receipt from their website.
  3. I DJ there at the weekend. Come in and sing on karaoke! There will be plenty of spirits
  4. Terrible. I had my house up for sale with another agent and somehow Haybrooks got hold of my number and started ringing me saying they had buyers waiting who wanted the house. I asked where they had got my number from and they didn't know. I ended up part exing my house against a new build and Haybrooks and another agent were commissioned to sell the house, so I had two boards up outside the house. Haybrooks did nothing. They even took the photos from the original vendor's website as they were too lazy to send out a photographer of their own which ultimately led them to have problems with the original agent. I didn't get one single viewing from Haybrooks - so no buyers waiting. The second agent sold the house within two weeks. While it was up for sale with Haybrooks, Haybrooks rang me to say that if I swapped to them they would be able to sell the house as they had buyers waiting. They are very badly organised, overly pushy and outright liars. AVOID THEM.
  5. If she is on a tight budget she could try using a pub with a function room where there is an in house DJ so she will not have to pay for the DJ. Try the Carbook Hall in Attercliffe, they have a small function room and can do buffet food. They have a DJ (me) who is experiencd with weddings. For flowers I would suggest the local market on the morning before the wedding and make up your own. Cars - do you have any friends or family with nice cars? Failing that maybe a local taxi company could do something for you.
  6. Firstly, an SVQ is someone who works in Scotland. You would be a regular Assessor. To be an Assessor you need to have a TAQA qualification or A1 equivalent qualification. This can usually be achieved in around 3 months and costs around £600. It sounds like you have occupational competence in some aspects of Health and Social Care, might be worth thinking of other subjects you may be able to teach in. Assessors nowadays deliver Apprenticeships which include you teaching Maths and English and for some subjects ICT. Most training companies would expect you to work full time and would give you a caseload of learners - around 40 people who you should go to see in the workplace every 8 weeks. Some remote contact is possible but you should be expected to be out on the road. To be part time you may be able to find a training company who deals with Associates where you work on a self employed basis, however being brand new, you would benefit by working full time with a training company until you have grasped exactly what is required of you and have learnt the ropes, so to speak. Generally you would work a 40 hour week on an employed basis.
  7. The tenant was offered the house but cannot get a mortgage. I'm not giving it away ---------- Post added 25-02-2016 at 14:46 ---------- Hindsight is a wonderful thing....
  8. I am addressing the photograph situation. Please, no more comments about the photographs. The agent has now included wording in the Right Move advert to show that there is a garage. To be honest I started this thread to get ideas about alternative routes which I could use to sell the house quickly as clearly the estate agent route has not worked for me. Can anyone recommend any other routes I could explore to sell the house away from using an agent?
  9. I've just phoned the agent and they'll make amendments and get new pictures taken. Apparently an investor wants to view it since the price dropped....so fingers crossed.
  10. Hmm strange, there were pictures of the lounge on Rightmove, I suspect the agent took them down. I will call them. You can see the garage....
  11. I posted the link as I've been getting PMs about it. The house was empty when the agent took photos and since then tenants have moved in to house sit it while it is for sale. What's wrong with a brown carpet? It's a neutral colour and good quality. It's also less than 12 months old. The house I am selling is a corner plot so plenty of space and a garage and a driveway.
  12. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-35932146.html I reduced it by £10K with the agent yesterday. Not really planning on dropping it any further. That's one helluva drop.
  13. Landlords haven't been snapping up this house! Two agents both valued it as the same price and it has been on all the usual sites. There has been one viewing in 6 months! Where are all these landlords? Lol I hadn't thought of using an auction, what sort of percentage of the market value do houses usually sell for?
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