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  1. Hi, At the moment I am based in Istanbul, Turkey and our company has got close relations with manufacturers in different sectors. Websites like Alibaba and the like are a bit iffy and the reviews on the internet leave one to wish for the best. Plus they are all dominated by Chinese manufacturers. Ideally I would like to join a website where there are genuine buyer leads, money is not an issue. Regards, Maksym ---------- Post added 25-02-2017 at 14:01 ---------- Hi, Alibaba is a bit iffy, not sure if large quantities can be sold on eBay, I am looking for a website where I can get access to buyers leads. Regards ---------- Post added 25-02-2017 at 14:06 ---------- Primarily Export, but if you have any suggestions for drop shipping I would be happy to look into it. Do you have Skype? You can PM me with details and we could have a chat. Regards
  2. Dear all, Does anyone know any websites where a seller or a manufacturer can connect with potential buyers? I would like to start an export business. Regards
  3. Hi, I have a Gmail account but all my contacts and everything important is hooked up to hotmail.co.uk I have told them all the details that I can rememberbut they are fooling around. I dont know what to do
  4. Hi, I have an email account I have moved from Ukraine to Turkey on 04 Feb 2017 and now my account is blocked. I have entered all the details that I remember, I do not have my UK number (I lived there previously to Ukraine) or access to email address registered as alternative there. What is the address for support to contact them directly to explain my situation. Seriously, I do not know what else to do, please help, I need my email back, please. Sincerely, Maksym
  5. Hi All, I am currently teaching an English class of beginners (foreign students) and the theme for next week is Fashion. Can anyone suggest any word excercises, word games or any resource I could get them from? Thank you in advance for your help
  6. Big flippin' WOW. Lets look at this from a different point of view. The UK has a huge market for drugs. Should there have been no demand - tere would be no supply. Tha government should not boast about catching drug dealers but should rather boast about how they deal with addicts and what measures are taken to make sure people do not become drug users and then addicts......hmmmm not much to boast about there When I used to live in Sheffield, I knew where one could get any drug, how come the Police do not know? Why are they being paid high salaries? what for?
  7. SYP are as useful as a fifth leg to a dog
  8. I have lived in Dore and Totley, how does that make people any different from anyone else?
  9. I think there are no bad or good religions. There are bad people who take it to the level of extremism, twist it and use it for their own benefit. Every religion aims to make people better, no religion teaches to kill, rape or deprive people of their belongings, honour killings or everything else that is done these days to hurt people.
  10. All I can say is - The Battle of Stalingrad...if it was not won by the Red Army, Europe would have been speaking German today. ---------- Post added 11-03-2016 at 17:56 ---------- Correct! 100% ---------- Post added 11-03-2016 at 18:34 ---------- Don't you think that this migration is a result of 'effective and clever' politics of the US and Europe? Or shall we call it 'introducing democracy' to countries that have never asked for it?
  11. A speaking club can be a good idea. Where people meet and discuss events, news, books etc... in a foreign language.
  12. I don't think so...I think it is about time you notice reality...there is no need for war in Europe...you people will be torn apart by refugees, ISIS and many more who are yet to come. Don't forget that alot of Europe's energy actually comes from...Russia. And no matter what NATO thinks - there is no way in the world any country or more than one will be able to invade Russia. Simple!
  13. I guess you can contact the CCTV department or whatever it is called and ask for this to be investigated.
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