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  1. Hi how much are you wanting for them and where abouts are you?? My partners had ferrets and we had one about 8years ago that we got from a rescue centre. Thank you
  2. Hi does anyone know where I can purchase a couple of ferrets? Preferably both Jill's. I've tried admag, preloved, pets4homes but had no look unless I travel as far as Wales. We have everything set up ready so not looking for them immediately as we are wanting kits so we can tame them for our children to enjoy. Thanks
  3. It's a housing association so no deposit needed! He's just been and thank god there's no charges!!!!! Just need to remove every carpet, light shade ect
  4. Just don't want to get a massive bill I can't afford just had a new baby and can do without it!!!!
  5. Hi I'm moving out of my Acis owned property in 2 weeks and have my property inspection today. I just wondered if anyone has had one already and no what they look for???? Also if you've been charged for repairs what type of things was it for??? I've got a daughter and I'm terrified they are going to charge me for inessential repairs ie her bedroom to be redecorated and also where I've had baby gates
  6. Is there really any need?! I only want to buy one for an Xmas present!
  7. Hi I just wondered if anyone knew where I could purchase a Gary Barlow doll from? I have tried eBay several times and have had no luck.... Thought there maybe a shop in Sheffield that may sell them Thanks katie
  8. [quote][/quote] Hi, I have rescued a lovely semi short/long haired ginger and white cat who we have called Gerri. Her previous owner died so I took her in unfortunately we have found out my daughter is allergic to pet hair. I am so sad to let her go but my daughter comes first. Gerri is about 3-4years, neutered, wormed and fleaed. Sorry but I don't no if she's vaccinated. She gets on with cats and dogs as her previous owner did have another cat and dog. I will try and upload some photos of her. If you are interested please PM me
  9. Hello, my daughter starts school 1st September this year and with only 6weeks to go I'm getting a little worried!!!! Does anyone know who takes /collects from St Theresa's School on Prince of Wales Road? I'm needing a childminder for 2days a week which would be Thursdays and Fridays to take her to school and collect her as well. If you can recommend a childminder for me it would be very much appreciated as I'm not sure where else I look!! Thank you, Katie
  10. I certainly am not angry. I am proud of myself..... I pay my rent, bills, nursery fees all on time with no problems. I just dont understand why ppl are so opinionated when it comes to being a council or housing association tennat. We all get tared with the same brush we are not all benefit scrowngers....... Some of us are living a descent life on basic emenities
  11. Do you know how much it is??? I dont get any handouts from government, i have chosen to go to work instead of that to show my daughter the right way of doing things, I pay full nursery costs all on a part time wage!!! Get real the only way i could rent a private property is to claim DSS and theres no way i would do that!!!! I want to show my daughter you have to work for what you want!!!!!!!!
  12. well i think its about time i have a housing association property and pay £80 a week for a 2 bed while a friend who rents from council only pays £53 a week for same size house its not fair!!!!!! I agree that they are rising way above wages but like everyone is stating its NOT the council who decides the increase!!!! Maybe if everyone stopped moaning and actually did something like they do in other countries we may not be in such a mess!!!! MY OPINION COUNTS
  13. You all look at it 2d.......... Getting a council house in sheffield in an area you want is a no go!!!! I am a single parent and i was bidding and bidding for 7years with no joy.... was fed up at living with mum and dad! lol Went to see housing officer in Firth Park Library and was told i wouldn't get a house in my chosen area because shiregreen is owned by sactuary and they have a 20year wait list and i needed at least another 5years for parson cross and sorrounding areas.... I gave up for a few month and thought whats the point in bidding if i cant get one near my family and friends? The housing officer wasn't bothered that i needed my mum so i could work and also my childs nursery was in the area!!! So i had another look and though right make manor ect my number 3 option and im sure you can guess....... I was offered a 2 bedroomed house lower manor, full refurb, new kitchen,bathroom,boiler,electrics...... I wasn't happy but im getting there now. ALSO BELIEVE it or not rent is way dearer than where i originally wanted to live (JOKE) Also when i took this house i lost all my 7years bidding history and have had to start again so looks like im stuck here for a few years...... I dont agree ppl can just come over here and get a house whereever its not fair at all, but the government and council system isn't fair, we pay tax for absolutely nothing. If i was any of you just do what i did. BID on everything dont just go for your chosen area im afraid the council dont sympathise with your nneds for wanting that area, look further afield.....
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