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  1. Hi daisyboldock I lived on Rotherham st and went to little wonder and another called flathers just the other side of belmoore road was Peter boldock ur younger brother he was in my class with Kenny hizam and David thiel of amberley st I.am tash x
  2. Hi sheffscouts I was in the 141st Carbrook scout troop in the sixties we held our meetings in a church called st bartholemews on Attercliffe common knocked down now hope this helps
  3. Hi Pete tash here yes i am going heard John staniforth Bob Nolan Steve asguith Alan Smith Pete boldock Kenny hizam and more its in June get back to me if your going I will tell u right date take care Pete ---------- Post added 11-03-2017 at 23:53 ---------- Bob bolan not Nolan lol he will like me for that when he sees me lol
  4. Hi Stan see u at reunion remember me to Bob and Steve I can remember a few old bowlers wally Webster earnest damms wally war boys my uncle Ken ur dad the good old ďays not seen kingy or boxy since school Kenny hizam lives near me but I don't see much of him heard Pete boldock lives up York seen Alan suckerley in Morrison's a few times at ecclesfield were I live bye for now take care tash
  5. Hi natonstan the lad is same age as me so he was born 1956 57 his dad would be about same age as my dad my dad was born 1929 my friend John also had a younger brother he was called Harry hope this is helpful
  6. Hi natonstan i went to school with a boy named staniforth his name was John and his father was Harry they lived at Attercliffe will this help
  7. Hi Stan YeP Nigel still in Blackpool as I know went years ago he was running two pubs don't know if he still runs them its a few years since I spoke to Bob he lived up Richmond think he said remember ur mum and dad sadly last time I saw u I brought my mum to ur mums funeral do u remember my mum died 2008 and dad died 2012 are u going to the reunion in June take care tash
  8. Hi thurleystan i am tash would love to see the photos of my dad and I bet my uncle his brother will be on them too sadly my dad died in 2012 and his brother has died too did u go to school with me thurleystan ?
  9. Hi Paul YeP 56 or 57 I was 60 last October your Peter was in same class as me last time I saw u was in ecclesfield wmc u was singing on stage are u still singing on clubs told my cousin I Saw u in our club years ago now u know my cousin think he was in ur year at school John Sears if Peter want to go to reunion I will get the date for u
  10. Hi Mick my name is Terence ash a lot of schoolmates called me tash ---------- Post added 07-03-2017 at 08:53 ---------- Hi Mick just like to say all school kids in your Arlene and my year that went to Hatfield house lane later firth park there is a reunion at civil service club ecclesfield in June
  11. Hi Mick I was born in 1956 think your sister was in my class I lived on Rotherham st
  12. Hi paulg353 I was born 1956 in Attercliffe. There was a family called Pinder they lived about 2 streets away but I cannot ŕemember there names. Sorry think one was called Shaun hope somebody reading this might be able to help you with the names good luck finding him
  13. Hi there was a damms that lived down attercliffe think is name was Ernest damms he played bowls for carbrook with my dad think he would be over 90 now my dad would have been 86 but he has died cannot remember what road he lived on sorry will keep thinking for you
  14. Hi whitebike1 3of my schoolmates lived on amberley street i was born in the 50s and left the cliffe in 1972 i lived on rotherham st
  15. hi arrodbo I remember Rodney turton lived opposite me on Rotherham street he had a wife and a son as I remember I was still at school then always remembered he had a skip lorry parked it outside his house I left attercliffe 1972 I was nearly 16 and had just got a job moved to ecclesfield
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