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  1. Never met the fella but he sounds like a good bloke.
  2. just tablets that don't help much. she says today is the first day for ten days she has not had a bad headache, still got a soar throat.
  3. remember those Ron Atkinson masks the fans wore.:hihi::hihi:
  4. Why didn't he watch them at the lane then, instead of the fans above him?
  5. straight enough question including caretaker managers. how many. name them.
  6. so you would not want abramovich then.. ah well at least there's one owls fan happy ..
  7. I will save my prediction until saturday night. I think this weekends results will give us a far more clear view. IF the blades beat ipswich I think they will go up in second place.
  8. your post is nonsense mate , and I don't think there is any question Dave Allen is a good bussines man.
  9. I know someone who has been having terrible headaches lately and after several trips to the doctor has been told they have a cafine addiction . This has been caused by drinking between 2 and 4 red bulls a day. The doctor has told her the headaches will get worse and the withdrawal symptons will last about a month. Has anyone else heard of something like this ?
  10. The pubs were taken away from the breweries to stop them monopolising the industry. All this actually did was create pub companies like enterprise and punch thus making the gravy chain longer and more people having a bite out of the cherry before it actually gets to the landlord.
  11. don't pay a motoring fine and go to jail. dirty scumbag kiddy fiddlers get caught and are given a warning. makes you wonder if the lunatics are now running the asylum.
  12. could go on all night Alty , I agree with the owls who think he is embarrassing. you are entitled to your opinion of him .
  13. alty I don't even think he's worth discussing , the owls mates I know say he is an idiot with a following of young kids and wizz kid your right he should at least put a bikini top on.
  14. your right mate , you weren't there and it isn't worse than throwing stones..:huh:.
  15. can you believe that ? first attempt on goal.
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