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  1. hay everybody...when will the next forum meeting be? and where?.....
  2. I strongly agree with u brainthrust!!!
  3. In my opinion...i think that whichever country needs democracy and get rid of a dictator,should come from the inside ..i mean the from within this country, not from outside and definitely not by means of force...i think that the americans did what i call fatal mistake by tackling iraq and invadingit under the cover of spreading justice and democracy...They don`t even what the iraqis think in terms of getting foriegn helpor about religous asspects...all i am trying to say that evryone just mind their own bussiness and leave others to mind their own. I think the iraqi people have every right to resist the coelltion forces in their country as they consider them invaders.....Who made america and the americans responsible for the safety of the world and spreading peace and justice.....at the end i would like to say that what america did by invading iraq despite of world refusal would bring definitely morecrime and violence and time will prove this.......!!!!
  4. i think my friends that the problem is in those peoples` minds.....sick-minds that is all.....we are allsurrounded with war , devastation, terrorism,....just name it.....God help us
  5. hello everybody...IN my opinion there is too much violence pervailing in our world ,moreover there are many proverts and sick-minded indviduals all over the world.......Have anyone seen the pictures of the iraqi prisoners who were tourtered and obligated to do many inappropriate things by the american soldiers...it was on the news and every newspaper...it was horrible:mad: ......so for those wise individuals what do u think????
  6. hay sarah, i was in the same situation as yours when i first arrived at sheffield....but this forum really helped to know some friendly people.....i hope u all the best:thumbsup: anyway if u want to chat or maybe meet up in a pub and have fun...please feel free to drop me a pm or email me...ciao
  7. hi there...first of all welcome to sheffield.......in my humble opinio...sheffiled is defenitly smaller than london...but i think its more quieter...peacful and much safer....i don`t know much about london as i have benn there for just six hours......
  8. for ur own knowledges...LSD is the most powerful hallucinogenic drug...know as far as i know....the fact is all u c or think about is unfortunately unreal.....It alters ones perception....vision,hearing,tasting...all ur senses...It is definitely a killer...despite of its POwerful head.....i think that someone took it and it seemed to him that he had superman power or something and he jumped off the 6th floor...and sure is dead now. i thought i would state this....SO BEWARE DON¬T EVEN TRY TO TRY ACID>........IT IS PRETTY DANGEROUS:!: :!:
  9. hay carolyna, how r u? i hope that u had a great weekend..... i have just seen ur post...kind of similar to mine that i posted when i arrived at sheffield.....but u know i didn`t get many replies as u did.. anyway hope u great times ...take care...bye..khaled xxx
  10. why don`t u try republic...i think it plays rnb and hip hop on certain nights....if u r single we might meet and go there together8)
  11. actully i ment that i can share a house with 2 or 3 persons.
  12. hi everybody,i`m 26,overseas doctor who is staying currently with my uncle,but i`m willing to stay in shared accomodation...because i`m preparig for am examination held in next november.i`m willing to pay 120 pounds a month(shared flat or house) it would be kind of anyone to guide me through.i`m staying in walkley at the moment.
  13. hi everybody, i`m new in town and i`m looking for an affordable accomodation ,anybody knows the prices and good places.plz if u have any ideas...contact me at kh_majeed@hotmail.com
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