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  1. Im interested to know how it has changed if at all, some people have had no problems on there at all and been there years, some have had bother. That was a while ago. Not sure about now though.
  2. Endcliffe park? Its S11, has a large pond with ducks etc and a small cafe?
  3. ah thanks everyone! The whsmith in town will be easiest to get to on thursday I think. Thanks again
  4. Hi, I was wondering where I can buy the derbyshire times newspaper in sheffield, if at all? Its out on a thursday. Thanks!
  5. chesterfield all the way...... lived in sheff all my life, now being in chesterfield for a year and have decided to not move back to sheffield. The rents are so much better value for you money. Hasland is very nice, affordable rents and i believe it is close to the m1, which is good for us too as we have family in sheffield. A newly refurbished terrace 2 bed recently went for rent at 395 pcm there including water rates. Thats where we are looking for a permanent move. I have been told by a few people to avoid grangewood, it has a reputation for drugs etc, although it is not as bad as sheffields so called "rough" areas.
  6. its better to read the letter itself, sheffield star website.... The person who wrote in saw these people waiting outside the house instructing the builders etc and the tenants told them the council are still advertising the house on the website as a formality
  7. oh my i hope not went there as a kid with quite a few times veryyyy nicccce cheese sauce
  8. Weird.... what kind of benefits do they mean? Didn't know they took benefits into account thats all. They haven't for us.
  9. I've just read this letter Not fair is it? Although, doesn't surprise me. There's nothing really in it for them though (the council) so suppose they just don't care.
  10. Thanks that is reassuring too, might be a case of see for yourself then:thumbsup: I know that in most areas like this you keep yourself to yourself then its ok.
  11. They are family member's experiences when they worked for them and friend's current situations. I will not say what they are because that would start a debate and would be off topic as I was only wondering about the road. I would feel better if it was bull, that would be nice. However I do tend to trust family, so it is hard to ignore. I take your comments on board about the road as well I really have no experience of the area.
  12. I know what you mean about the council as well, I've heard all sorts about their housing strategies!
  13. Oh my, thanks for info No I have no idea on the area. No wonder houses keep coming up there then is it! Thanks i will stay well clear because ive got a little one to think about as well
  14. Oh thanks yes that helps me houses come up fairly often there you see I thought it might be because the road was really rough or something. We have had problems with car break ins all over sheffield so that can happen anywhere I think:)
  15. Is Holbrook Road ok? which roads are the decent ones?
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