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  1. yeah same problem for me . Just small issue problems that are not major issues and like you say too expensive at main dealers . Its a 10 yr old petrol model with 167, 000 on clock but runs sweet . Just little things that are wearing out . Will keep it till it gives up the ghost ?
  2. Anyone recommend a good Toyota mechanic at reasonable prices .?
  3. Seem to remember the one in Highgreen was called Steptoes and there was also one round back of town hall called Bar Rio which later changed to Yorkshire Grey .
  4. Cheers for that . Will give them a ring ?
  5. Anyone know of anywhere I can take my son and myself +air rifle to target practice on tin cans etc . Not interested in shooting any wildlife just wanting to do a bit of plinking outdoors for fun where we are not going to get swooped on by firearms squad or will be close enough to scare or injure members of public . Not bothered about indoor ranges and preferably in Sheffield or Rotherham ?
  6. No offence taken . Just saying the person with the taser has messed up his own life and knows that . But the pain and loss this girls family have to live with and he gets two and half years more which i bet will get reduced . No justice .
  7. Not trying to justify carrying a taser . Just pointing out the loss of child and total destruction to her family and friends compared to a criminal offence which harmed no one . The extra two and half years . Just saying .
  8. Not quite the same as carrying a gun or a knife though .
  9. Correct he was not . But never harmed anyone and carried it for protection if you get what i mean ?
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