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  1. Got me looking now, google maps, arches with blue roller shutters on furnival rd, and then there's the bridge with "box fill" store in that set of arches, but where are the green hatches, that's mentioned, in first post?
  2. Old house, just sold at Birley Carr/ Foxhill. its on a little lane, off the main Foxhill rd, opposite Aysgarth rd. not sure, if I've posted this in right place. anyone got any info on this building, I went to go and have a look and above the entrance door, is carved in stone, the date 1866. It was/is a lovely house. just woundered if anyone had any links to old maps, historical info, was it a farm? thanks
  3. I've just converted, my blue wheeli bin, into a water butt. You can buy, water butt, plastic taps on eBay/Wilko for about £4, make sure they come with back locking nut. My OH made me a tap at work, fitted about a foot up on bin, then stood bin on bricks, so watering can fits underneath.
  4. How awful, people should respect the beautiful nature that we have around us.. Just glad I wasn't there to see this happen, otherwise I would have been the one in trouble!
  5. I recommend Plaque off, it's a powder that u add to the food, stops plaque from forming. U can buy it at pets at home it's a tenner..
  6. Had a ideal, pro combi boiler fitted by a great company, Hallamshire Energy 5 years ago and yesterday, error code L2 kept showing, turns out it's the condensate pipe, that goes from the bottom of the boiler, to the outside drain. It was frozen, one quick call to Hallamshire and all up n running again. Hot water on pipe and emptied pipe. The frozen pipe is a v common problem in freezing weather. Am going to lag mine and box it in
  7. Have u got it started yet? As a rule a battery should never really die on a iPad, I've found the main problem with them is, the charging port, there very delicate and can easily break, when cable is pushed in too hard. 1. Check your charging cable will charge up another device, Ie, a mobile 2.Turn off iPad and try to see if another charging cable will, bring up battery charging icon. 3, blow into charging port hole, (dust) Most independent pc shops, will double check your battery status and cable connection, free of charge. Let us know how you get on. ---------- Post added 27-12-2017 at 21:21 ---------- Also, sometimes, it can be the actual cable/plug, you use for your cable
  8. Re padlock, it was the only one, they had! And there lawn mower is stored in shed.
  9. Shed broken into, Wordsworth avenue, This shed had a very high quality padlock, but it was cut off with bolt cutters. Nothing was taken as nothing of value inside. Don't leave items of value that are easy for the thief to carry.
  10. I made this last night.. Cut and cook cauliflower, till al dente, I also add a few handfuls of pasta, set aside in oven dish. Make packet cheese sauce up, add loads of extra cheese, I used Philadelphia garlic and herbs, plus strong cheddar. I then add a good dollop of horseradish to the sauce, gives it a lovely warm slant! Pour sauce over cauliflower and pasta, add more cheese, sliced tomatoes a sprinkle of basil and paprika, bake in oven, gas 5, 20 mins, bubbly n hot. Lovely....
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