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  1. Cost of "man n van" to move mattress 2 miles. Any ideas of cost? Thanks
  2. Anyone resisted putting the heating on yet?
  3. Just a rant! If you want to better your chances of catching Covid 19, just pop along to the local shop on Foxhill Rd,. 12 customers in there today, 1 other person and me wearing a mask, 11 others not !
  4. Thanks for that, can't do much about the overnight temp and I've cut down on watering too, I don't realy know. Any idea why there seems to be no pollen on the male flowers? This is proper doing my head in! Spent hours on google and can't work it out.
  5. I'm growing 2 different varieties of Cukes outdoors, good growth, loads of male and female flowers, loads of baby Cukes but after about a week the baby Cukes are aborting, dieing off and a bit shrivelled, have tried hand pollinating from male flower, but can't even see any pollen? any ideas, where I'm going wrong?
  6. Thanks for replies, will try above, when open.
  7. Any pc repair places open in Sheffield? Any pc repair tech wizards out there? samsung galaxy tab 3, dead, replaced new battery and port cable, screen ribbon and everything else looks ok? but it will not turn on, nothing, will not charge, reboot or anything, tried the button fix, googled loads and still dead.. anyone got any ideas? cheers..
  8. Mine went off on both TVs for 20mins, back on now.. Foxhill
  9. Hi looking for qualified boiler repair. I have a procombi boiler, I think there may be a problem with the diverter valve? It all works fine when on, heating and hot water. But when the heating is off and there is a demand for hot water, the hot water is going into the radiators and not the tap. It's not a mega emergency, but does need fixing.. Im in S6. Can anyone recommend someone. Thanks.
  10. Anyone got any recommendations , dental practice, prices, results?
  11. Just read through these post,. So , original op never found out, what his bars of choc were called? Got me thinking now!
  12. Thanks for that, as I expected, all toms now binned, they all steadily turned brown in areas,. Oh well, let's hope we get better weather next year.
  13. I don't know about firth park surgery, but at my docs, I filled a form in, took ID and I am now able to use the System online, which allows me to book/cancell appointments, order prescriptions, view full medical records from birth and test results, also shows what the docs have written..
  14. I have grown outdoor tomatoes for over 30 yrs and this year my crop has late blight, thought it was the first frost last week, so brought the fruits in, luckily binned all stalks. But yes it's blight and all fruit turning steadily brown, apart from 2 plants that I had at the other end of garden, 13 other plants scrapped. anyone else had this problem, I've never had this before. i will plant in diff location next year and get blight resistant seeds.
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