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  1. The next two Hypnobirthing Groups will run in February and March 2020 as follows: 1) FEBRUARY (10.00 to 12.00): 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th in the Zest Centre, 18 Upperthorpe, S6 3NA 2) MARCH (19.30 to 21.30): 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th in Walkley Community Centre, 7A Fir Street, S6 3TG I am an experienced clinical hypnotherapist, who is registered with the appropriate professionals bodies (NHC, GHR and CNHC). For more detailed information about the groups and individual sessions I offer please visit the PREGNANCY AND BIRTH page on the website: www.jp-hypnotherapy.co.uk OR ring me on 07850 045929 (and ask as many questions as you like). Jacki Pritchard
  2. What happened to Mr Whoosh? They just stopped coming to clean the bins. I'd be interested if anyone knows of a similar service for S6 area.
  3. Got a lovely tree from Loxley Nursery this morning. Everyone kept telling me I was too late but Loxley had a good selection of lovely trees - all at reduced prices too. So in fact an advantage being late!!
  4. Thanks Boozy Bird for posting this. I think this is awful. They are already ruining Provincial House (formerly the Priests' Presbytery on Solly Street)- it is being surrounded by more student accommodation. What about Sheffield's heritage and historic buildings? Does anyone care?
  5. It was February last year that Provincial House (currently a business centre but previously St Vincent's Presbytery) on Solly Street became a Grade II listed building. An article in The Star newspaper referred to the fact that there were plans to convert the building to apartments. Tenants have been concerned about this for the past year; the owners of the building have not been open or transparent about their plans for the building. Last week tenants received a letter giving notice that Provincial House will be closed on 31st July 2015. A pre-planning application had been lodged previously - now a more detailed planning application has been submitted. This proposes conversion of Provincial House to apartments and further developments around it. This would involve the demolition of 90 Garden Street which was the original landmark of a house where two Vincentian priests arrived in Sheffield c 1850 and started their work with the poor. This has been well documented by Vincent Hale. I hope that people who feel passionately about local history and heritage will go on the Sheffield Council website and lodge comments/objections about this proposal. Is there not enough student accommodation in this area already? Provincial House although a business centre still has its original features and is full of character. It would be such a shame to lose any of these features and for the building to be surrounded by yet more modern accommodation.
  6. For the weekend of 18th and 19th October 2014 the fee for Past Life Regression sessions (interest only not for therapeutic purposes) will be reduced by 33% - £60 (instead of £90) for 1.5 hours. The sessions will facilitated by a trained hypnotherapist registered with the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR). For more information visit http://www.jp-hypnotherapy.co.uk or ring 0114 270 1782 or 07850 045929.
  7. I would have said Mercury until very recently. Have used them for years and always good but they have let me down twice in the past month. I always book the night before if I have get a train in the morning and as they advise book it for an hour ahead of the train. Twice in the last month they have not been able to get a taxi to me and I have missed the train. They have said they have been "struggling with drivers". I don't understand this when I have booked the night before.
  8. REST SHEFFIELD EVENT (Relax, Eat, Shop and Treat) A one day event is being organised for Saturday 29th November 2014 in Provincial House Business Centre, Solly Street, Sheffield S1 4BA. The focus of the event is on well-being. We want to be able to offer visitors the opportunity to: browse and shop have treatments have readings attend talks/demonstrations relax have fun chat treat themselves have refreshments. We would like to hear from any individuals/small businesses who might like to be involved in this event. We especially want to hear from people who have products to sell for Christmas: health, skin; beauty; food; candles etc. A table/space will cost £10. Space is limited so it would be helpful if you could make contact as soon as possible or by 1st October 2014, which is when we hope to start advertising the list of exhibitors. To get more information or to book: Ring Jacki on 0114 270 1782 or 07850 045929 or E-mail: info@jp-hypnotherapy.co.uk
  9. I've bought a mattress recently from the Dreams Discount place on Queens Road. The guys in there are absolutely brilliant. Knew what they were talking about and were not at all pushy. Let me take my time trying them all out. Gave good advice. Did the rounds elsewhere (definitely not impressed with Bensons near Sainsburys at Archer Road) and then went back to Dreams to order. Delivery was great; rang at 07.19 to tell me the 3 hour slot and delivered early in that time frame. Very impressed with Dreams.
  10. Hypnotherapy can help a person to stop smoking if they really want to do so. It is important to talk about hypnosis and ask as many questions as you like before deciding to proceed. BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND: the fee for a 2 hour smoking cessation will be reduced by 33% - £80 (normally £120). Sessions are with a trained hypnotherapist registered with the National Council of Hypnotherapy (NCH) and the General Hypnotherapy register (GHR) Visit: http://www.jp-hypnotherapy.co.uk Please ring for an informal chat on 07850 045929.
  11. PAST LIFE REGRESSION SESSIONS - BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND: 3rd to 5th May 2014. Past Life Regression (PLR) sessions can be booked at a reduced price for the Bank Holiday weekend only. The sessions are with a qualified hypnotherapist registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH). PRICE REDUCTION - 33% OFF: Fee £60 (normally £90) for 1.5 hours. PLEASE BOOK EARLY. Until 5th May 2014 you can also BUY GIFT VOUCHERS for PLR at this reduced price. Appointments must be booked and taken before 31st August 2014. Please visit the website: http://www.helpthroughhypnosis.co.uk and/or telephone for more information (or to book) 0114 270 1782/07850 045929.
  12. I know this is an old tread but I just wanted to add to it because I read it when I was looking for a good t-shirt place. I followed up some of the suggestions above and then used Shirt Prints Direct on London Road (http://www.shirtprintsdirect.com ). Rhys in there has been really helpful regarding producing t-shirts for a sponsored walk. He did a really good price because they were for a voluntary organisation. The t-shirts look great. I've also had a single t-shirt done for myself and again great work and price.
  13. HELP THROUGH HYPNOSIS http://www.helpthroughhypnosis.co.uk In the planning of your wedding and build up to it are you experiencing: stress anxiety panic/panic attacks fear agitation/little patience? Through using hypnosis you can learn how to relax and remain calm so you can enjoy planning and experiencing your special day. You can book an individual session for yourself (1.5 hours costs £60) or book a group relaxation session for you and your bridesmaids (or for your hen party). It is important to say I do work with grooms too!! I am a qualified and registered hypnotherapist. Please ring for an initial chat about how hypnosis may be able to help you (0114 270 1782 or 07850 045929). Jacki Pritchard
  14. HELP THROUGH HYPNOSIS (Jacki Pritchard Ltd) (http://www.helpthroughhypnosis.co.uk) Hypnosis for Relaxation Sessions Hypnosis can be used to help a person learn how to relax properly. 1 hour relaxation sessions can be booked for individuals (£25). Group relaxation sessions are run once a month (£10 per person). The next group sessions will take place in Provincial Business Centre, Solly Street, Sheffield S1 4BA @ 11.00 on: • Sunday 19th January • Sunday 9th February • Sunday 9th March Group sessions can also be booked for groups of friends in your own home; and for members of staff in the workplace. Other News: January Offer - 50% fee reduction for first session The initial 30 minutes of a first appointment is for consultation and assessment; and is completely FREE OF CHARGE. If a person decides to proceed the fee for the rest of the first session (one hour) will be reduced by 50% i.e. the cost will be £30 (this includes VAT @ 20%). The Smoking Cessation fee will also be reduced by 50% - £60 for 2 hours. I am a qualified and registered hypnotherapist. For more information please visit my websites: http://www.helpthroughhypnosis.co.uk and http://www.jackipritchard.co.uk. Also I am very happy to talk on the telephone to explain how I practise as a hypnotherapist (0114 270 1782 or 07850 045929).
  15. Help Through Hypnosis http://www.helpthroughhypnosis.co.uk Tel: 07850 045929 Recently I have had a number of enquiries about buying hypnosis sessions as presents for friends/relatives who are interested Smoking Cessation in particular (but also in Past Lives Regression). Help Through Hypnosis Gift Vouchers can be bought for: Past Lives Regression (for interest only - not therapy) - £90 Smoking Cessation (2 hours) - £120 1 hour sessions - multiples of £60. Vouchers are valid for 6 months. I am a trained and registered hypnotherapist. Please visit the website for more information about my background: http://www.helpthroughhypnosis.co.uk/about/jacki Please ring the office for more details about the gift vouchers or if you wish to discuss anything else (0114 270 1782) or e-mail info@helpthroughhypnosis.co.uk
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