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  1. how much demand is there for "a man with van"?? work in flooring is getting a bit thin ,i have a van and some time , is it worth advertising for ??
  2. hi, im jim. I do all this type of work, hospitals wet rooms etc, also all other aspects of all flooring !! cscs diploma etc and 22 yrs exp . 07979 277795 s12 area. All tools etc.
  3. We live in Derbyshire near Mosborough and our black bin has been emptied every 2 weeks for the past 2/3 years or so and 5 people live in our house!!! We manage, our bin is usually full by the 2nd week, we have to recycle everything !!!!!! ( We do have a very attractice big purple bin for this, which is emptied every 2nd week and a green bin for garden waste, again every 2nd week ) I think it works for us !
  4. cheers mate,as it happens we have already decided on fez !!
  5. good house/trance night out planned for sat 3rd dec.Must not be cheasy stuff, gatecrasher type thing,must be late!! anyone have any suggestions ??
  6. Cannot get hold of you, any chance we could have our £25.00 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. hi,im james.I can fit these for you.I can also supply the underlay for you as well.fitting would be £100,underlay £85 and gripper plates etc £15. ive been fitting for over 20 yrs!!pm back if possible!!thanks
  8. have you got sorted yet ??if not pm back ,and dont pay mintons price ,my garage is full.All top quality ,can supply and fit.07979 277795
  9. see mike at designer contracts carpet sale.you will NOT get cheaper.It is all top quality .its on freshwaters ind est at clay cross chesterfield.i work out of there and buy them too!!he will recomend a fitter as well.
  10. Ta for everyone's messages someone is coming out to value, don't think I will be getting rich quick, but you never know !!!!!!!!!!
  11. We have a largeish collection passed on from my Dad lots of three pennys from 1937-1957, lots of one pennys from 1937-1967, a very heavy Britanina 1797 Georgius 111 D.G.rex we have several of these and lots of small knackered looking coins. We cannot look on e-bay and in books as some of the coins have no writting etc or very faint does anyone know who we could take these to ????????????????????????????????
  12. im wondering what price you are paying for carpets in new wimpy (or barratt etc) homes.i know sometimes they are thrown in as a deal,but to buy through the builders can be very expensive!!if i can get some info,i can do some deals!!
  13. my henderson glidermatic garage door has stopped working.it went slow,then stopped ,then started beeping.could be the motor.can anyone help/where to get parts or can you fix??
  14. i have some in my garage.can cut to any size .pm if youre interested
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