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  1. Ok, so ive found them with the evoucher button. thanks for the link! But now it keeps telling me my vouchers not recognised. I am supposed to use the Groupon code arent I? Im probably just doing it all wrong and being really thick!!
  2. Ive bought these, and just downloaded the voucher. Im a bit confused now tho, as it takes me to a page telling me to the put collagen face mask in my basket. And i cant seem to find the actual straighteners anywhere on the webiste! Has anyone actually ordered theirs yet, and can help me out!?
  3. I ordered from one on London Road over the Weekend, Think it was called Bejing House, but I could be wrong. It was lovely, and even does vegetarian Crispy Duck & Pancakes. Id never seen that before but it was really nice!
  4. I just got the plug newsletter which says the price is £5 advance!! Which is it!??
  5. I wanted it for tonight really! I dont think ill last if i have to wait for delivery!
  6. Ive had a mad urge to play twister, all week! Any ideas where buy a cheap set from!??
  7. Batgirl and robin. Theres some really good outfits online, and on ebay!
  8. I was nearly sick just reading the title of this! GROSSNESS!!
  9. My dad died when i was 18, id not seen him since I was about 4. If Id have been givin the chance to see him agian before he died I think I would have said no. It would been like seeing any random man in hospital not very nice, but hard to feel anything, as he was a stranger. I was a bit older, but even if it had happened at the same age, i dont think my decision would have been different. Id let her make her own decisions.
  10. Well, the other day i asked for £1.50, gave the driver £2, and got £1.10 change! I quickly sat down! and only later when i look at my ticket i realised id been given a 40p ticket! I didnt know if i should be plesaed, or upset that i look school age!
  11. You colud try a tapas place, La Tasca on Ecclesall Road is really nice. Theres loads of vegie options, and theres a 50% off food voucher on the telegraph website aswell. Im vegetarian, and its one of my favourate places! Also, Wagamama in Leopold square is really nice.
  12. Cream Cheese, spinach and fried onions is rather nice!
  13. Cheeky at the very bottom of the moor had some the other day, for about a fiver, as did a stall downstairs in castle market.
  14. Yeah its called pheonix nest! I love them too!! Is the nest made out of potato?
  15. No mine wasnt an estimate. This time. I think they must have only actually read it once the whole time ive been here, as the first couple were estimates. I cant get to my metre so i just paid them. And now theyve read it, it must be £200 for the 9 months or whatever its been. Thats what im hoping anyway.
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